No Excuses. Part 39

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Danny's POV... I repeat... Danny's POV.

I stuffed up and I knew it. Not one thing had changed at all more or less from the time I was twelve. I didn't have to lose my best friend. But I did. Would becoming a father by the time I was thirteen something I thought would happen? No, I didn't. But I did.

I don't know when it all changed after that. My parents had been friends with the Osmanns for years. But they were also friends with the Parry's as well. The same family who had relatives that lived next door. Which meant that I got to see Isabelle a lot more than I normally did outside of school.

I knew her long before I knew Fai. Mostly because of her being cousins with the Newton's next door. Mrs Newton was Izzy's mothers sister. They didn't have much to do with each other, but they were still family which Izzy was fond of since she seemed to like this aunt of hers.

Plus, when she came to visit, she would always find her way across the fence and hang out at our place. I don't know why when there weren't any girls that lived at my house. I only had brothers. But she got on with Mum.

Anyway, that was how Izzy became a part of our lives when we were kids.

Then when me and Fai started knocking around with each other becoming friends was something I wasn't expecting to happen. Bit it did. I only knew her at school and she wasn't too bad of a kid. Especially when she stuck up for the kids who would get bullied by others. Something she did one day when it was Izzy who was the bully and came face to face with Fai for the first time. It did not go well for Izzy at all who went running home to her mother crying after copping a black eye from Fai.

When izzy's mother went all off on Fai and her parents, it was Fai again who settled the issue when she said that she would do it again if she caught Isabelle pushing one of the little ones around again like she did and bullying her.

" Maybe, if she wasn't bullied by you to begin with she wouldn't have become the bully she is and pick on others at school. No one likes bullies." Fai stood there and growled out loud in that young voice of hers as she stood toe to toe with Izzy's mum despite the difference in height.

Mrs Parry didn't like it and was looking to slap Fai with her hand raised when Fai's mum stepped right in front of Izzy and just stared at her.

" I think that maybe you too might need another hiding, Angela. The first one obviously wasn't enough to knock the visciousness out of you. Now, you have taught your daughter to be just like you. That must make you very proud to know that everyone thinks your daughter is a hopeless bully." Fai's mother said to Izzy's.

It was no secret that Mrs Osmann didn't like Izzy's or Priscilla's mothers. They were friends from childhood who had been known to be bullies in school. It was no secret that the bullies had been among those who were the most popular among the students, but only to those who were above themselves. Or thought they were. Their daughter's were very much like them.

That didn't change when we got into high school and into the junior grade. That was when the Issy's started on her. Priscilla, Isabelle and Cecelia, the one they called Sissy. They were a group of wannabe's is what Fai called them. They wanted to be the ones that everyone thought were the greatest. But they weren't.

Anyway, Fai and I became great friends. It was never boring when we were together. She even included my little brother Joe, in a lot of the things we did around the place. She said once that she wouldn't mind having a little brother or two to play with. But she was an only child.

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