Chapter #3: The Morning After

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I woke up with the sun tickling my cheeks and I yawned, licking my lips as I turned around to feel another body next to me. My eyes flew open and then went back to closing when I noticed it was just Evan. He was deeply sleeping, his snores much heavier than usual. I remembered the events of last night and cringed, rubbing at my eyes. He's stuck with a crappy hangover today.

Across the room, I saw an arched bare back leaning over a desk and realized it was Asher. His spine poked out barely and I shot him a nasty glare from behind his back. Last night wasn't something I should have let Asher do.

I sat up in the bed, fixing my spaghetti strap. It was awkward since I wasn't wearing a bra, and I wasn't planning on showing anyone my nipples anytime soon. I lazily got up from the bed and walked over to Evan's brown dresser, grabbing a sweater the smelled eerily like the sheets I had smelled last night.

I threw it on, seeing as it had big sleeves and read "Academy Hockey". I rubbed at my eyes again, letting out a yawn. I reached into the bed and grabbed my cellphone, laying lonely in the midst of the bed. It was 9:06 in the morning and I wasn't happy about waking up so early.

"Good morning, Peyton."


I frowned tiredly. "Hello."

"Evan's just out of it, yeah?" he chuckled, spinning the chair around away from the desk to look at me. My eyes shot out to his abs, definitely not a toned as Evan's, but still there. I bit at the skin on my lips, my eyes not feeling the need to open more then they already are. I was just tired.

"Mhm," I mumbled as I walked to grab a cup of water for Evan. I hadn't realized that I fell asleep next to Evan; spending the night in his dorm. I filled it up, and set it at the table beside his bed. I soothingly rubbed at his hair, pushing away the dark locks from his eyes.

His mouth was slightly open, his one arm folded below his head. I planted a kiss on his cheek and turned around to shove on my boot slippers. I needed to leave; I wasn't supposed to be in this building, let alone a guy's dorm room. "I'm gonna go. Tell Evan to text me when he gets up."

I flipped my head over, shoving my thick, uncut hair into a high bun and opening the door. I heard Asher mumble an 'okay' and I let the door gently shut behind me. I walked down the hall that was abandoned by silence. It was still kind of dark out, since it was so early. Everyone was probably hungover and asleep and I tiredly made my way through the cold field and back to my room. Inside, Veronica was half on her bed and half on the floor. I chuckled, knowing that she had come home drunk too and was also stuck with a shitty hangover today.

I felt like the only responsible one here. I fell into my bed, grabbing my phone to check my messages. I had one from Roxanne. I smiled as I texted her back, sending her a selfie of me with a wide grin on my face. She replied with a selfie of her in Starbucks, her drink held up to her cheek. I chuckled. She had gotten rid of her braces, and began wearing some foundation, courtesy of me. Her freckles were no longer visible and her goofy smile made me miss my best friend even more.

I rolled around uncomfortably on my bed, realizing It was only Saturday; classes weren't even going to start yet and the weekend was going by achingly slow.

I fell against the pillow of my bed, looking at the unopened boxes I was yet to open. I decided that's what I'd be doing today, while everyone slept hung over and tired. I fell back into my sheets, cozying up so I could sleep some more.

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