Secrets and truths

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Noah's POV
I was drunk.
I started drinking when I was 15 years old because of my mother. She was the REAL reason why I started drinking. My mother was whore.

Now she didn't go around on streets asking for some FUN and all that shit, but she would sleep around with other guys. My dad.. well, he kinda had an IDEA, but he wouldn't take action. My dad was a punk bitch.

He really was. He even caught my mom one time when I was 16, kissing another dude at HER office(my mom's a lawyer so she had her own office.) and he didn't even say a WORD! I wanted to bitch slap him in the face and scream,"MAN UP!" but who am my kidding? I'm just some gay ass kid, ain't I?

Anyway, I was drunk that morning, well.. at least STARTING to sober up a little bit, but other than that, I was plain drunk.

I never knew why, but most of the time, when I would get drunk, it would be in the morning. Weird, right? So this was how I went to school sometimes. Drunk. And this time, I was drunk as HELL.

I would always drive myself to school because I liked to clear my head, especially when I was drunk, you know? So I would pretend to be you.. THERE and not somewhere else in my drunk world of mine, especially in front of Britney. Man. Britney was.. I don't even know how to explain it. Basically.. just plain AMAZING!

She was the best and closes friend that a gay guy like me could ever have! I mean, man! She was the greatest! And, before I.. you know, "came out the closet", I actually.. had a crush on her. Britney and I were about maybe, say 7 when I realized I had a crush on her. With her dark brunette hair and cute little dimples, to her big rimmed glasses!

I knew that we were going to be closer than ever! But, after I found out that I was gay, it kinda changed all that. I mean, not our friendship of course, but the way I liked her. I started liking boys and the feelings for Britney were starting to fade away. It was kinda sad, until I found this one boy.

His name was Brian. He was the greatest! I mean, he was so handsome and nice and.. he was everything to me! I actually thought that maybe, we were going to stay together, like.. forever, you know?

But then, It was my birthday. Britney made the plan and Brian worked it all out. He got us cake, chips, pizza, all that party food stuff. But Brian also brought strippers.

"Alright, alright! Now, if you would all take your seats please", Brian said.
Everyone suddenly got quiet. He always had a way with people. They would always do things for him, you know?

"Now, before we have our main event", the crowd started cheering. I had a LOT of friends and family.

"We are going to sing to THE BIRTHDAY BOY!", then all of a sudden, a huge cake with sparklers came bursting through the door.

They all started singing. "Haaappy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!" They were all terrible singers, but that night, it was like I was being surrounded by angels. I loved them all.

"Happy birthday to Noah! Happy birthday to yoooou!", then they all started to cheer again. "Happy birthday cool guy.", Brian whispered in my ears. I actually had tears in my eyes! Me with tears! Can you believe that?

They placed the cake on the table, which kinda made it wobble a bit, then I started to get ready to blow this sucker away!

"Make a wish, man!", one of my friends shouted. "Yeah make a wish." "MAKE A WISH! MAKE A WISH!", they all started to shout. I had no idea what to wish for. What was there to wish?

"You better hurry! They're starting to get louder!", Britney whispered in my ear. Then I had it. It was perfect.

"I wish.. that no matter what.. I would always.. have you guys around.", then I blew out the sparklers. Man! Those suckers were hard to blow out. After I was done they all started to cheer again. 'This was the happiest day of my life', I thought.

Then all of a sudden, the door was bursted open and everyone got quiet. It was the police.

"Are y'all throwin' a party here?", the first police officer said. Brian had answered for everyone. "Yes sir. Why, is there a problem?"

"Yes there is. You don't have us in it.", then all of a sudden, both the police officers ripped there shirts open and yelled,"We came to PAAARTYY!" Everyone started cheering. 'Strippers!', I thought. 'He got me STRIPPERS!'

"Which one of you is the birthday boy?", the first cop asked. Then Brian pointed to me. "He is!" The cop started walking towards me and my heart was pumping. A freakin' stripper was about to do a lap dance on me!

"Sit down boy and let me arrest yah!", then he shoved me into the chair and RIPPED his pants off! He started to grind on me and everyone started cheering.

Then the second one came over and grinded me from BEHIND! Everyone went wild!

It was a few hours later and the lap dances were over. Everyone got one. Even my straight friends! And I don't even think they minded at ALL!

One of the strippers was having a drink, talking and laughing it up with Britney and another group of friends. The other one was no where to be found. Where was he?

I went up stairs to go use the bathroom because the two downstairs were already full. (I know right. Two bathrooms?)

I walked in to my room to go pee when I saw them. Brian.. and the stripper. They were kissing. I mean, REALLY kissing. Right then and there, my heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach and I felt like I wanted to puke. "What the hell.."


After that incident, I never really paid attention to guys anymore. Britney was always there for me and that's when the feelings were coming back. I started to like her again, but this time it was MORE! Much more!

I don't know because of that traumatic experience or somethin' else, but I knew I loved her more than I ever did before. And to this day, I never stopped loving her.

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