Rant.28 (Fake ass Friends)

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Who has one of those in their life?

Shit I keep making them but unfortunately I am never made aware of them until its to late.

Those bitches need a red stamp on thier foreheads.


It sucks when you learn that a (friend) has betrayed you. Whether its talking behind your back,lying to you,on you.  Putting others before you.  Getting brand spanking fucking new.

I've considered that fact that maybe I am not meant to have friends.  Like a real friend.  An-I will take

your secrets to the grave friend.  I have often wondered if it is me.  Fuck that!  It's not me it is-has been them.  I am very blunt HONEST and opinionated. I tell it how it is.  Talking behind your back? Fuck that!  I like to argue and I have no issue telling anyone how the fuck I feel.

Even so... knowing the kind of vengeful person that I am, bitches still want to fuck with me.  Try me. Push my buttons.  Why?  I am beyond loyal.  I do not spread peoples business-out them. Frenimes! That is seriously the only thing I can come up with.  People like that never seem to intend to be a bad friend, but they just cant help themselves!

I promised myself that the next person that turns out to be a fake ass friend will get handled.  I'ma tell all yo fucking shit!  Drag your name through the mud and all that.  I am well aware that two wrongs do not make a right but I don't give a shit.

That's just some-unfair bullshit.  I want to slap who ever came up with that lame ass saying. Basically you can fuck with me, hurt my feelings and do as you please.  Then I do nothing... because getting even is the wrong thing to do.

Kinda one sided don't ya'll think?

3 times within the last year this has happened to me. I have done nothing.  Their secrets are still secrets. Hmmm but not my shit!  So, I would be wrong if I decided to tell every single nitty gritty detail about  these people?


I have a saying for you "Turn about is fair play"

There is nothing worse then putting your time and energy into a ratchet muthafucka.  Yea I said it. RATCHET. Derived from the word (Wretched.)

I'm waiting for the next person to screw me over.  I have to change my whole mindset.  Guard up.

I'll leave ya'll with one last quote.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

That means stop fucking up!  A person might decide to give you a dose of your own medicine.

Had a experience with a fake friend? Do tell!  Maybe some suggestions can be made about how to entertain these butt-holes.


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