Chapter 11

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The twins ☺️
Chapter 11


After the crazy lunch incident with Diana, we all hurried to leave for our next class. I rushed along with the other kids in the hallway to my next class when I was yanked into nearby classroom. The door closed with a click, indicating the person locked the door. Anger suddenly fueled inside of me. I whirl around to find my smirking mate up against the wall staring at me with hungry eyes. God I can be stupid at times. Of course it was him, with the sparks that shot up my arm when he grabbed me. I narrow my eyes at him.

"What the hell do you want, Drake," I growl at him. He tsked at me and moves closer. I stand my ground and watch as he glides toward me with a predator look gleaming in his eyes.

"Don't cuss with that pretty little mouth of yours," he says still coming toward me. He stops when we're basically chest to chest. I wasn't really focusing on his closeness, what I was more pissed about is how he thinks he can order me around. I put my index finger on his chest and push him back until he stumbles away from me.

"Hold up, did you just order me not to cuss? I think we've been over this before Drake I am my own damn person and no one is ever going to change that. Get that through your thick skull because I'm not about to repeat myself, and while we're on the subject. What the hell is you problem? You think you can randomly pull me into classrooms and lock me in here like some crazy person!" I growl at him my voice becoming louder with each word. He just stares at me for a while with guarded eyes. I open my mouth to yell again when I'm shoved up against a wall. Where did he come from? Sparks run between us and it's beginning to affect me.

I try to shove him away but he's not having it. Drake pins my arms above my head still not saying anything.

"Let me the hell go Drake," I say through clenched teeth while thrashing around trying to get out of his grip. He comes closer to me until our lips are centimeters apart.

"Did I ever tell you are sexy when you're mad?" he asks, his minty breath swirls around me like a cloud. He stares into my eyes and then at my lips. Without hesitation he slams his mouth against mine. I just stand there my eyes wide in shock. Did he seriously just kiss me when I literally tell him I hate him and want nothing to do with him? I can tell he's getting frustrated because I'm refusing to kiss him back. He pulls away with a growl, his eyes solid black. Oh look big bad wolf is out.

"Kiss me back, mate," he says before slamming his lips back onto mine. I continue resisting and do you know how hard it is to resist his soft lips? It's hella hard, I tell you! He drops my hands to try and grope my body to get a response from me. Oh he will get a response from me, maybe not one he likes, but a response none the less. I am so going to regret this.

I bring my knee up hard and he immediately pulls away groaning in pain. I whip away from him and search around frantically for an exit. The door is locked so that's a no. I spot a window in front of me and run towards it. The force of my body breaks the window sending shards of glass in all directions. I free fall from the window for a while. I look down at the rapidly approaching ground. Oh did I mention that I was on the 4th floor? I really need to plan my exit routes more accurately. I shift into my wolf just time. I pick up my bag and make a mad dash to the forest. Hearing his ferocious growl behind me made me run even faster. We were both alphas so it would be a pretty even chase.

Dodging the fallen trunks and trees proved to be difficult when all I was focusing on was the crazy alpha mate chasing me. The sound of water made my ears perk up and I instantly changed my course. A stream appeared in front of me and I sighed in relief. Maybe if I cross this stream he'll lose my trail. I was about to leap into the water when I was side tackled into the ground. A ferocious growl made its way up my throat. I've had enough of being tackled every frickin time I'm trying to escape. Lord! Did this asscrack not take a hint? I skidded a few feet before popping back onto my feet and crouching into a defensive stance. The wolf in front of me wasn't Drake but a wolf the purest white I've ever seen. It's eyes were a golden color and they stared at me with surprise. I cocked my head in confusion. Why the hell would they be surprised? They weren't the ones who were just side tackled for no apparent reason.

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