Chapter 4: Attack Plan Evaluation

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The Battle of the Long Sault Chapter Four.

Attack Plan evaluation.  Montreal, April 1660

The group of Montrealers that confronted Dollard des Ormeaux on the evening of March 20, 1660, for the investigation of his military plan comprised Governor de Maisonneuve, Lambert Closse, Charles le Moyne, and Dollard's friends Claude de Brigeac, and Pierre de Belestre, Dollard's co-commander of the garrison of Montreal.

Dollard arrived at the appointed hour of 9:30 p.m. and was admitted by Claude de Brigeac.


"Claude — how does it look?"

"I don't know –Maisonneuve wouldn't permit Pierre or me in there with them... they've been here over two hours." Unless it was an emergency, most of the town's meetings, whether about supplies or military matters, took place at night. The daylight hours were too valuable, especially in spring and summer, to hold them during the day.

Dollard breathed a sigh of irritation.

"Two hours. They must be taking the plan apart."

"Are you prepared, Dollard?"

"I think so," said Dollard.

"Where are the others?"

"Most are at Prud'homme's drinking and eating, some are on the wall. How long have they been in there?"

"I just told you... two hours!"

"God! And you haven't even been inside?"

"No. Just before we were to go in le Moyne whispered in his ear and Maisonneuve told us to stay out here. He said we could go in when you go in."

"What the hell's going on?"

"I think he wants to judge us as well as you."

"What do you mean?"

"He doesn't want us pushing for your plan because we're friends, find out they were against it, and then watch us reverse our opinion and back off because we thought it prudent in front of our superiors."

"Well, that's not..." his voice rising.

"Dollard, you'd better relax. Maisonneuve wants a military decision from Pierre and me and not an emotional one. Whatever personal feelings we have must be put aside. You'll have to convince us of the value of the plan on its own merits."

"I want just want to kill a few Mohawks. Everybody's making it the siege of Troy."

"If you continue with the attitude you're displaying now you won't only not go on this expedition, you'll be relieved of your command. I'm warning you."

Dollard listened to his friend's reproof and sighed.

"I haven't spent fourteen hours a day with him for a year for nothing," said de Brigeac.

"Fine. I'm ready. Where's Pierre?"

"He just went to get some wood...thank God spring is coming."

The side door opened and Pierre de Belestre entered with an armful of wood. Without turning, he kicked the door shut.

"Will you get the latch, somebody? Hey, Dollard...ready for the sausage grinder?"

"I hear you're to be objective" laughed Dollard.

"Oh, hell yes," he said, and, dropping his voice and mimicking Maisonneuve,

"Commander de Belestre, what do you think of des Ormeaux's plan?" Belestre switched back to is own voice, "Well, Governor, considering the benefits that will accrue to me I think it's a perfectly marvelous plan. Send him off with my blessings. I hope he gets adopted by the Mohawks. I hope they eat him." He dropped the wood on the floor with a thumping clatter.