Chapter XXIX

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The early morning was pretty cool. I could say without regret that, even if Henry was a maniac and the cat-thing would drive me crazy, the house of the first was quite cozy as far as bedrooms were concerned and the second had not made any appearance at all during the night.

A comfortable breeze, colder than the one we had felt during the creepy tea party the night before, caressed my skin while I was sitting on the entrance to the garden. Despite I found it strange and alien, the silence that covered it all had a weird enchant. A pleasure that I didn't remember having enjoyed for a long time.

Behind my back, I heard someone coming, and because of the carefree gait and short but fast steps, I immediately knew that it was Pandora. Like me, she was now dressed in black, not covering much of our bodies. Even if we only showed the shoulders and a little back, it was liberating not to feel trapped in an endless long dress and countless layers.

"It is funny, now that I think about it," I said to no one in particular.

"The what?" Said Pandora, sitting beside me.

"That whenever we need it, there's a cabin, a house, ruins, anything for us to take shelter," I looked at her, smiling at the idea.

"Yes, such a curious thing," she didn't meet my eyes, as hers remained fixed on the full moon right in front of us, framed by the trees. "But I always say that casualties do not exist."

"What do you mean?" It intrigued me, since she had told me exactly that a couple of times in the past.

"As witches, we believe that the World, the Cosmos, Energy, the Divine, whatever you amy want to call it, always provides that that you need as long as you believe that you will find it."

"Do you think that for real?" It sounded logical, but I was almost an ignorant when it came to spirituality, grand, divine designs and so on.

"You tell me, haven't we found exactly what we needed when we needed it?" She looked at me then with tired but friendly eyes, the kind of gaze you get from a mate that is teaching you something valuable.

"You're right. Maybe it is just me, overthinking it all."

"Or it could be that you haven't thought about it enough."

"Maybe." I shrugged, trying not to give much importance to the matter, but Pandora spoke again.

"Do it, then, a witch with experience in the matter is telling you," she laughed a little before kissing my cheek. She got up from the floor at that moment and went into the house, leaving me gazing at the moon and trying to understand why I was blushing all of a sudden and thinking about Martin.

I caressed my knee, now free of the old, ripped dress I had used since the first day I woke up in Dreamare, trying to distract my mind. A couple of days ago I would have been worried about exposing myself, but Pandora had explained to me that spell she did before.

As soon as we would get back to the real world, any wound in our spiritual body will appear in the physical, but heal at the moment. She said it would be a total shock that will need some recovery, but it was worth the freedom to fight and not being so worried about safety.

I remembered then something Wiese had told me, that they was included with Pandora and me on our way back to the Land of Blood, as Pandora called it. Which was also included with Gail's issue and that that she had told the night before.

It worried me that she didn't want to talk about it and I could only think whatever those elves and shadows could have done to her, only hoping it was my mind overthinking the whole thing.

  My mind came back to where I was when everyone else started to come. We had agreed that after some rest we would return to Dreamare, although Pandora told us we had to be warned about something and that she'd explain it later. Many loose threads for my head to follow, so I just forgot it all and tried to look as if I hadn't been thinking that much. 

"Good morning everyone," said Aldwin coming behind Pandora. "Hope you had a good rest."

Wiese and Gail were taken by the hands, both with tired eyes, more my little girl than Wiese, who was trying to remain as alert as possible. Wiese was also dressed in black, covering their body as much as possible, while Gail, despite being a ghost had a simple amulet around her neck to protect her from any harm.

"I'm sure we did," Pandora smiled at him, which for some reason bothered me. "Well, I said I would explain something, and there's no easy way to say it, so here it is." She took a deep breath before speaking again.

"The only spell that can takes us back is to where there's something to be finished with someone of our group, similar to an unfinished business."

"What do you mean?" Wiese asked all of a sudden.

"There's something one of us left unfinished, and we will be taken right to the place where that one thing can be done one way or the other. There's no other way to come back," she tried to hide it, but I knew she was scared of what that could mean.

"Maybe is just a book you forgot on the ruins?" There was something different in Wiese's eyes, and it told me it was theirs the unfinished issue we were talking about.

"Maybe, it can be anything, but we will only know when we are in there," I said trying to comfort them.

"Which reminds me, Alynne," Aldwin came to me and gave a white rose. "Keep this with you in case you need it, it's only for an emergency, an extreme resource if there's nothing you can do to fix the situation." His voice was calm, however, there was a lot of weight on it. 

"I will, I promise, and thank you, for everything, Aldwin," I took the rose, "but now we need to go back, I'd rather not take any kind of risk."

"Perfectly fine for me, and don't think that bad about Henry or Cat," he winked an eye, "they are good people, only a little... weird sometimes."

"They are for sure and something else!" I laughed a little before taking Pandora's hand.

Wiese had the other one and Gail was still with them, so it was all of us already.

"Okay so, whatever happens, do not lose grip of the hand you hold, understood," we all nodded, "perfect then. Hear my words, wind of worlds, take us to that we have to close. Take us to where the door remains open. Take us to where one of us remains broken. As I will, so mote it be!"

A hurricane enveloped us instantly, turning everything around us into a simple blur without form and without any color. The wind lashed us in the face as if trying to laze the skin, and although I knew someone was screaming, I had no idea who it was.

Just as it had started, so suddenly, so the hurricane vanished, leaving us in the middle of a decaying, half-dead forest, where several houses could be seen around.

Wiese, who was next to me, squeezed my hand instantly. Their white hair moved with the light breeze that was in the place, but I knew that was what they thought what should worry me.

"I don't want to go home, not yet, please," they said.

"I don't want to go home, not yet, please," they said

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