D' Angelo {Sixteen}

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     Maria's house is much smaller than mine, but it fits all four of them and their cute little cat, so it works. Also, the house is so cute. It is decorated with Red Sox and softball stuff. 

     "Whatcha wanna do, D?" Maria asks me. 

     "How about we play a one v one."

     "Basketball or baseball?" 

     "I honestly couldn't care less... your house, your pick."

     "How about we play basketball, so I can cream you."

     "Yep, let's see how good you are."

     She doesn't answer and walks out the door. I follow her into the driveway. He grabs the basketball from under the hoop and I tell her to pass it to me. He obeys and throws me the ball. 

Holy cow, she's actually really good. She never told me that she plays basketball. I wonder if she does. It wouldn't surprise me if she did, seeing she's really athletic. 

     "Nice game," I say to Maria after she wins, "do you play basketball?" 

     "Yep, I play on the Lisbon school team, I just joined last year and I played ever second of every game."

     "Wow, that's impressive." She beat me 18-14. 

We went inside because her dad and brother, Levi, came home. I got introduced to them by Maria. 

     "Where's David?" Levi asks, right after introduction.

     "He already left. He has to be at Fenway in like four hours, so he couldn't stay long."

     "Aw... dang it!"

     "Sorry, Levi! Maybe you can meet him when he comes back here to pick up D' Angelo next weekend."

     "Okay, as long as I get to meet him sometime in my life."

     "You will, I can promise you that."


     All four of us walked inside and Maria and I went into her pink room. I took out my phone; 3:47 pm. We went on Maria's bed and she was talking about her tournament. After a little while of that I asked her some questions. 

     "Who are you versing?" I asked. Maria took out her phone,  opened her messages and went into someone named Mitch. 

     "First we are versing VFW! WHEN we win that we verse the winner of River Driver and Brewer. Either way we'll win the first two games."

     Nice. Who's Mitch?" I ask, stupidly thinking it was Mitch Moreland. 

     "He's my amazing coach."

     "Cool, I was thinking it was Mitch Moreland, but you just met the guy today and you already have a bunch of messages from him. Also there is a heart and baseball emoji next to his name."

After a while I said to Maria, "Good luck tonight, Maria. I love you." I say truthfully. 


  Who do you go out of your way to be nice to?  

My favorite teacher, Mr. Pollock. He's the best and I love him. (not like that, but he really is amazing)

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