Chapter 4

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"You look nice." Nate smiled at her as she tripped her way down the stairs, Rowan was always late and her father was going to kill her.

"Thank you Nate, have you seen my brother? He's supposed to escort me, and I'm already late." She huffed frantically tying her heels around her ankle, and standing up straight to smooth her dress.

"Holden's left and asked me to escort you." Nate smiled and Rowan nodded practically sprinting out the door and into the car. It was the second time today she was able to sit in the front seat, and she felt odd as they made their way to the club. Tonight they were headed to a different club, it was her father's favorite and it was further from the house.

"Princesses are allowed to be fashionably late, it's really your duty." Nate chuckled trying to calm her nerves and she nodded smiling at him.

"I'll see if that one works on Holden and my father." Rowan looked out the window as the city flew by.

"You know they're just looking out for you right? They're really trying to give you somewhat of a normal life princess. I know a few girls who would kill to have your life. Most gang daughters are sent into hiding or killed, you're lucky." Nate spoke breaking the small silence and Rowan rolled her eyes at him.

"Sometimes I'd rather be shot or hiding somewhere in Italy than have to deal with Holden down my neck every second."

"No you don't. You get lonely Rowan, you need them as much as they need you. After your mothers death, Holden went insane. He swore he would never let anything like that ever happen to you, and he's holding up with his end of the deal. So cut him some slack, you weren't born into a normal family. " Rowan nodded as they pulled into the parking lot, and she could hear the music already blaring from the club. Time always seemed to go in slow motion when she entered a crowded room, and all eyes fell on hers. But a certain pair of green ones caught her attention, and she smirked at Harry.

"My princess!" Her father's voice called, and she tore her eyes from the boy to see her father in a booth motioning her over. She smiled and walked over, slipping in next to him.

"You're late, but you look great." Her father whispered in her ear and she nodded kissing his cheek softly before standing to exit. Her father's hand caught her wrist and she turned back to him.

"Let me know if any of those Tame members give you trouble princess."

"They won't be giving her any sort of trouble, but I might." The voice of the boy she couldn't get out of her head spoke, his hand snaking around her waist. "Do you mind King?"

Rowan's father just nodded his head and turned back to the other men at his booth. Harry pulled on Rowan's waist, and though she wouldn't admit it, she was happy that she could spend the night with Harry. She wanted, or almost needed, to figure him out and she was going to do just that.

He led her to another booth across the bar, and she didn't see a single Kings member in sight. All the eyes of the men at the booth set on her, and many glares formed. Harry pulled her onto his lap as he sat, and swirled his drink in hand.

"Princess." A boy with blonde hair and ice blue eyes nodded at her, and she smiled offering her hand. He took it and kissed the back letting a small smirk fall on his face.

"What do we owe this honor?" Another boy with brown eyes asked her. "Did the king let you out for the night?"

All the boys chuckled, except for one of them who had dark brown eyes and even darker hair. He stared intently at Rowan who stared right back. As soon as Harry spoke, the boys eyes fell and didn't look back up.

"She's ours for the night boys. I'm gonna introduce her around to the men." Harry said and they all nodded.

"Ours?" The blonde boy asked, an evil smirk on his face. Harry glared at him, pulling Rowan into himself further.

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