Chapter 4

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So that's all the excitement that has happened in the past 3 months. Well apart from actually moving in to my new house. It's fricking huge! Well huge compared to my old house. Dad was right, he did do his research, I now live 3 doors down from Taylor. We've spent every day of the last 3 months together, every day since I moved in. He helped me unpack and then we explored the town.

School starts soon, great, can't wait for that. Not. Taylor won't be there so I'll be all alone, he does online school although I'm pretty sure it's not helping him at all. I mean have you seen his spelling? I'm joking. I haven't spoken to any of the magcon boys since that day we all went our separate ways. I still worship them though, as any fan girl would.

Right now I'm sat on my bed, waiting for Taylor to hurry up. He's promised me a great day, the best day of my life but I'm not getting my hopes up. It is Taylor after all.

You're probably wondering what's going on with Taylor aren't you? Are we dating? Are we friends? Well no, we aren't dating and yes we are friends. He's currently my only friend in the entire state of Indiana. I talk to Amy every so often, we are actually planning for her to come stay with me for a bit. My dad is away for the entire week this week on business meetings and travelling around the country meeting people to do with his work so this week would have been perfect but Amy said she was busy.

I hear a knock on the door which echoes through the entire house. I run down two flights of stairs and arrive at the door slightly out of breath.

"Woah I know I'm hot but I didn't know I took your breath away" He laughs

"I just ran down two flights of stairs" I argue

"Yeah yeah, come on" He says grabbing my wrist and pulling me outside. He drags me to the pavement where there are two skateboards waiting for us "I know how shockingly bad you are at skateboarding" He says letting go of my wrist "So I'm going to teach you" He stands on the skateboard, one foot on the board and one foot on the floor "Stand like this"

I try to mimic his position but end up on the floor, the board rolling down the pavement away from me. Taylor tries not to laugh but can't control it. I glare at him but end up laughing as well.

"I thought you said this was meant to be the best day of my life?"

"It will be, just wait" He says picking me up off the ground "You have to learn how to board first"

"Why?" I moan

"Because how else are we going to get to the beach?" he winks

"The beach huh?" I say attempting to stand on the board again

"Yeah we have to get there by-" he cuts off "Hey, you're doing it" he says excitedly

"I am!"

"Okay now push off with this foot and put it on the board" he says tapping my leg that is firmly planted on the ground

"Hold my hand" I say grabbing his hand, pushing off meekly. He follows me along the pavement, keeping me up

"Sky, you've got it" he slightly squeals

"Come on then, lets go to the beach" I laugh

"Let me catch up then" I says already running back to his blue and red penny board that is still outside my house

"Catch me if you can" I say passing his house, picking up speed.

We ride to the beach. You're probably thinking, there's no way she could pick it up that quickly. Well I did fall off at least 3 times. Okay times that by 10. 30 times. Every time Taylor laughs. With every laugh, I realise more and more how happy I am. If only I had met this boy so much longer ago, I would have been so happy. But oh well, I'm happy now and that's all that counts right?

We arrive at the beach, there aren't many people here, 20 maybe 30? I scan the beach looking for whatever Taylor could be planning until my eyes meet a familiar face standing on the edge of the beach. I see the familiar blonde streak that we all know and love, the blue sparkling eyes, the perfect smile. Nash.

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