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disclaimer: this story is lower case intended.

( chapter one: the hargroves )


"really? are you fucking serious right now?" max groaned, slamming her hand on the game machine multiple times out of rage.

she had died during the game of 'dig dug' in the town arcade, but ended up with the number one score out of all of the players that had attempted.

she had beaten this one kid named dustin on the scoreboard. the redhead huffed, but then with a sigh of relief, she looked around to find her step-sister. her step-sister was seated at one of the arcade booths, her nose in a book.

macy was reading a novel, bopping her head along with the music playing from the jukebox five feet away from her. out of nowhere, a screech had been heard from a mile away and everyone could hear it.

macy snapped her head up, "shit we're leaving! max come on!" she yelled at the max, who's eyes widened at the realization and they rushed outside to the front of the arcade.

macy panted as they made it to the front in time, just as their brother's car had come to a complete and loud stop. "almost late, idiots."

when it came to driving, their older brother billy was careless. he drove however fast he wanted to, and no one would stop him. they'd just let it past and hope they don't get run over.

macy had rolled her eyes at her arrogant brother too many times in one day, she had sworn her eyes would pop out soon enough.

she had learned to ignore his comments and not snap back at him, but max hadn't. max was still trying to get used to the feeling of two new siblings. it would be a challenge considering she had been the only child her whole life.

"keyword almost," max mumbled under her breath, and macy mentally facepalmed at her remark.

"max really?" macy whispered and max crossed her arms over her chest.

billy huffed the smoke from the cigarette out his window and slammed his hand on the steering wheel, "what'd you say dipshit?" macy sighed as max struggled to say anything.

"she was talking to me, billy. don't worry," macy said as calmly as possible and billy rolled his eyes.

"i know that's bullshit but whatever you say, lil sis." billy stepped his foot on the gas, and the car sped 3x faster than normally.

it was unfair. max was billy's new step-sister, but he treated her differently than he did so with macy. with macy being his biological sister, he had also taken care of her his whole life and loved her.

with max being his step-sister, he'd take out his anger that his dad gave him on her. but macy would just defend her, and billy would stop.

macy and max rarely hang out or talk. they live under the same roof, go to the same middle school since they're the same age, but don't talk as much as actual sisters would. 

macy had been the only one trying to grow a bond with max, but max had put up a wall. ever since her dad left, she isolated herself. she kept all of her feelings inside.

she thought that her mom getting engaged would make everything better for her. she thought moving to hawkins with her new family would make her happier, but it's all gone to shit.

her brother absolutely hates her guts; she just didn't fit in. she doesn't think she's good enough for any friends, so she's does everything by herself.

the next morning, macy walked into max's room.

"hey max," macy smiled with her head peeking through the door, "we're leaving for school now. better hurry before billy's panties are in a twist for no reason."

macy's comment earned a chuckled from max and she nodded, "thanks."

macy shut max's door, and walked out of the front door and into her brother's car. the cigarette was in between her brother's index and middle finger, holding it up into his mouth and puffing the smoke out.

"where's max?" he grumbled impatiently.

"here." max sternly said, slamming the door behind her shut and hopping into the back of with car with macy in the front.

once the car that was once going at 90 mph came to a full stop, the two redheads got out and started walking into the new classroom.

the counselor was walking behind us, making sure we got to class nice and safely.

max flew the door open, causing everyone in the classroom to stop what they were doing snd stare at the two. macy sighed at max's abrupt movement, and smiled at the teacher.

"ah! these must be our new students," a tall and fair man exclaimed.

"indeed they are. they're all yours, mr clarke." the counselor spoke, and soon walked off and out of the classroom.

max started walking to find a seat, but the teacher stopped her. "now hold on there, you don't get away that easily. come on up, don't be shy."

max walked back to her spot standing next to macy. macy's hair was in a ponytail that rested on her right shoulder, both backpack straps on her shoulder while max only had one.

"dustin, drum roll please." mr. clarke pointed to a boy with a blue red and white hat that was seated right in front of him.

the boy shut his notebook on his desk and started drum rolling.

"class, please welcome all the way from sunny california, the latest passengers to join us on our curiosity voyage, maxine and macy!" mr. clarke presented he two redheads to the class.

macy smiled at a boy with brunette hair that was sitting behind the kid named dustin, and max had yet another annoyed frown on her face. 

max's hair was almost covering her face at this point, "it's max."

macy nudged max to motion for her to not give an attitude to the teacher. max looked at macy, and shrugged. after all, she was only correcting her own name.

mr clarke seemed confused, "sorry?"

"nobody calls me maxine. it's max." max informed him and he gives the two a small nod.

macy noticed one girl with her head rested on her arms that were on her school desk. dustin, and his other friend that was seated to the right, were looking at each other with a shocked face.

macy could hear the boy whisper, "mad max." to dustin.

"all aboard max and macy!" mr clarke motioned for them to sit down.

macy saw an empty seat next to the brunette boy she was previously staring and smiling at, while max was seated all the way in the corner of the classroom.

macy tried focusing on the words mr clarke had been explaining, her head resting in the palm of her hand as her elbow was propped onto the desk. but she felt a stare, so her eyes roamed around the room until she finally noticed the boy she was sitting next to her was staring straight at her.

macy gave him a smile, "hey there, what's with the stare?" she asked in a whisper.

"n-nothing," he stuttered, trying to recollect himself to sit up straight, "i'm will."

author's note |
will!!! lucas!!! dustin!!! mike!!! i love them with all of my heart ❤️
also a warning: like i said in the intro chapter please do NOT read unless you've watched and finished both season of stranger things because these are MAJOR SPOILERS
okay bye :)

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