Who's that knocking on my front door?

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Dear Diary,



I didn't continue writing as I heard a loud knock at my door. I jumped as I heard it. Who the fuck would knock on my door?
Crazy man?
I frowned and got up cautiously, heading to the front door with anxiety washing inside me.
I turned the handle slowly and opened it rather slowly too. I peeped my head up from looking down.
It was late at night so I didn't see the man.
"W-What do you want?" I asked. Looking furthermore, I could recongise it was a man with a big black coat with fur on the hood. I looked down and saw a small child with a big red coat on, but the same style as the mans. She has little black shoes on and thick tights.
She looked like she was shivering.
"I-Is this Frank Iero's house?" The familar voice spoke.
Frank... Frank Iero...
"N-No... Frank I-Iero? You mean... M-My Chemical Romance Frank Iero?" I shuddered. The cold air from outside was biting my neck as I talked.
"Uhh, ye-"
I heard a whimper from the small child. "Daddy... I'm r-really c-c-c-cold..."
The child was nearly crawling up in a ball from the coldness.

(okay so this story is a bit easier im making bandit four years old rn)

"Can she come in? Possibly? I'm not weird or anything she just seems really cold, I could g-give her a hot chocolate or something to warm her up?" I asked hopefully.
The man sighed "Well, I, M... Where is St Andrews Drive?"
I got out my phone and typed St Andrews road new my location into maps.
"S-Sir... that's nearly an hour awa-"

"Daddy I'm actually going to freeze to death!"

"Shh!" The man jolted her and she whimpered again.
"Is it fine if we-uh- come in then?" The man asked.
I opened the door further and turned on the light beside, still looking down.
He stepped foot inside with the little girl and she immediately squealed. "It's so warm in here!" She siad happily.
"Just take off your coats and shoes and put them on the floor... This place is a mess anyway.." I mumbled the last part and he chuckled.
"I'm sure it's fine."
He still had his back facing me and I could see him bend down towards the child to take her little coat off.
She looked up at him.
"Daddy, can you dye your hair?" She put his hood down to reveal stringey black hair.
The child got a peice of the hair and twirled it around her small finger and I smiled. I looked at the childs face and she looked very familiar.
"Oh yeah, what colour Bandit?"
She hummed.
"Thats a unique name. It's lovely." I stated the obvious.
Who is this man? Bandit? Thats Gerard Ways daughter. It couldnt be...
"Aww. Say thank you Bandit." I could hear the geniune smile in his voice.
"Thank you pretty lady!" She gave a wide smile and i gavd one back.
"Shes adorable. She looks very familiary, just to say." I blurted out by accident.
He gave a chuckle and stood up, taking off his coat and shoes.
"Daddy, dye your hair bright red!" Bandit decided and smiled proudly at her decision.
"Interesting.  Would it suit me?" He turned around and faced me.

"Ffffffffff y-y-yeah... bbeeeecccaaaause you're... you're.. oh my f- god.." My hands covered my face and I shook my head.
"You're real. Oh my god. You are real. All this time." I mumbled.
"You okay?" He asked.
"Gerard Way. You- I can't put into words-"
"How does she know your name daddy?" Bandit asked and I sobbed.
Oh yeah, well done! Start CRYING in front of your idol and his child why don't you? HES IN YOUR HOUSE FOR FUCKS SAKE!

"Hey now- no nees to cry." He gave a slight chuckle and I removed my hands from my face.
He pulled me in a tight hug and I closed my eyes and starting crying more.
He rubbed my back in circular motions.
"Why is she crying daddy?" Bandit gave a frown and waddled towards us. She hugged me around my foot and I gasped.
"Ive idolised you since 2002. I went to your first show."
"The first show? Wow..." He hugged me even tighter and I sighed. A good sigh, from all the emotions built up inside me.
"I'm sorry for crying. I'm just so happy.. The first place I meet you is inside my house." He gave a giggle atthat and I smiled with joy.
Gerard Way laughed at my comment.

Im hugging Gerard Way.

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