Chapter 4

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John's Pov==>>

I met the Striders and Lalondes today. I'm not a homosexual but Dave was pretty cute. Before you say why are you a homophobe. I'm not I'm Demisexual and secretly gay but only my family knows that. We moved here because I was bullied constantly for it. "Your pretty adorable Egbert." Dave says out of the blue. My face turns a dark red. "Uh thanks?" He leans closer to me. His face inches from mine. I jump back and squeak. "God damn it Dave stop!" I say in a girlish whiny tone. "Woah. Damn Egbert mouse much. That was cute." "God you are such a flirt Dave...." I trail off as my face got redder. "Butttttt Joooohhhnnnn....." He whined I feel as if I've known Dave for a long time.... Hmmm.... He sounds like TG.

Time skip.

It was the end of the school day. Jake and I were heading to the Striders apartment. "Jake don't they remind you of someone?" I ask Jake over text. "Ya, Dirk reminds me of TT..." Jake replies. "Dave reminds me of TG. " I reply back. " I know right?!" Jake laughs out loud. "You guys alright?" Dirk asked. "Ya!" I elbow him in the rib. "Ow*wheeze* What was *wheeze* that for *wheeze* ?!" Jake barely manages to get out. "You're ridiculous." I say back at him.

Time skip.

We were playing video games when Dave says to Dirk. "Don't they remind you of some people?" "Ya. They do actually GT and EB." I look at Jake. He looks at me and we tackle the two blonde haired boys. "What is going on?!" Dave squeaks out. "I'm EB! EEK!" I squeak when he hugs me tightly and Dirk and Jake tackle me. "EEK GUYS C-CAN'T B-BREATHE!" My voice is high pitched and squeaky. They reluctantly get off. Dave pulls me into his lap hugging my waist tightly his head resting on my shoulder. Dirk does the same to Jake. Our faces were dark red. We both really liked the Striders. 'Oh god...' We presume our games with me still in Dave's lap. We decided after an hour to watch a scary movie. I hate scary movies! The first jumpscare I jumped and snuggled into Dave's side. He tensed but instantly calmed down. He wrapped his arm around me waist pulling me closer to him. The next jumpscare and I was in his lap. After a few jumpscares the movie ended. We put in the next movie it was a comedy. I fell asleep in Dave's lap with him petting my black hair. Jake was in the same state as me.

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