#15. Family Reunions

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DB and Brian had been scrambling around for a week, trying to find where Mona had been stashed, and they had been successful

With Brian's tech skills, and the amount of man power DB and Mrs Legae had (which Brian didn't even know that Mrs Legae had) they were just laying down the finally pieces of their plan, even making sure that the have backup plans just incase shit doesn't go as planned before

"Wabona (you see) this wouldn't have happened if he knew how to protect his family like I do" Rich went off on about DB to his daughter, Mmapula, again, "If it weren't for you ong phonela (calling me), he wouldn't have said shit to me" his said his voice got louder, catching Brian's attention

He looked back to see a steaming Rich, pacing back and forth, speaking in their language, while DB leaned on the wall, playing with his knife

"You just had to get a girl who's family has issues, didn't you" Pac complained as he check his guns, and the knives, stashing them away

Brian looked at his boy, then back as his soon to be in-laws, "The Hits on standby?" He asked, ignoring whatever Pac was saying

"Yeah" he looked deadpan at Brian, "They waiting for your call. You want us to include them?" He motioned at DB and the Legae clan

Brian looked back at them, "Nuh, let's get this over and done with" he stood up, catching Niko's attention who walked over to them as they tried to escape

"You guys weren't about to get this shit started without me, did you?" He draped his arms over both Brian and Pac's shoulders, while he walked in-between them

Brian shrugged his arm off of him, "You seemed occupied" he said gruffly, "Didn't want to disturb"

Niko chuckled, "When it comes to that old man, y'all wouldn't have been disrupting shit" Niko took his arm off of Pac, to walk ahead of them

Rich being in the de Bruen house was no coincidence. He had heard from a few of his people that one of his granddaughters was kidnapped, and that he wasn't told because the father said that he could take care of it

What he didn't expect, however, was for the granddaughter to be his youngest, meaning that de Bruen said he was gonna take care of it, and yet it's been over a week since she got kidnapped, "Now where do you think your going?" Rich asked Niko

To say that Rich was stealthy as fuck, would be an understatement. With the lengthy career that he had in his business, he needed to make sure that he was light on his feet, "Forgot that your assassin ass would catch up to me" Niko stopped mid-step, a bored expression on his face, "Quite ass step" he mumbled

Rich kissed his teeth, just about ready to put a bullet through Niko's head. For the life of him, he never understood why Mmapula married Niko, especially after he didn't give his blessing, but regardless of how he felt about their relationship, he loved his granddaughter and would do anything for her

"Who's this?" He nodded his head in Brian and Pac's direction, sensing a weird vibe coming off them both. A lot of it coming off of the black guy

Niko looked back at the boys in front of him, then back at Rich, "That's Brian and his right hand Pac" he pointed at them

"Brian?" Rich cocked his eyebrow at the familiar name, "Cape Town's Grim Reaper?" He walked up to Brian, looking him over, "I'm guessing that this is Pac" he looked at Pac who was standing gob smacked that this old topie knew who they were, "You have a reputation that perceives you" he spoke to Pac

Then he looked back at Brian, curiosity written on his face, "So why are you here Reaper?" He asked with a sigh, "Cause last I heard, you've been trying to move into my side, and I don't appreciate it" he walked towards Brian so they were nose to nose

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