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Ch.44 His nightmare


..." We stood silent as we sat next to each other on the grass.

Savage and Lux were sitting at a bench giving us space, i kinda wish they were here instead but only a little.

"...My mom died because of a fire." PJ stated as I looked at him shocked.

" PJ you don-"

" I want to. Besides its only far, if you have to talk about something that hurts you than so do I? We are partners after all right?" He explained as I ignored the blush threating to show.

"That is for science class though." I rolled my eyes.

"True, but who said it had to be just for science class?" PJ stated as I couodnt ignore the blush anymore.

" Me and Ivory were going to me at my house to play after school, but I left my bookbag at the park and went to go get it which takes 15 minutes to go and come back from there. When I came back my house was on fire and I was terrified my mom was still in there so i ran inside, I ran around yelling for my mom but instead ran into Ivory and I paniced. I told her to get out and continued looking for my mother...I should have never went inside." He stated as I listened.

"The second floor in our house was falling apart and it broke above me,my mom saw me and barely managed to push me out of the way.The fire fighters rushed in pulling me out, I yelled and screamed telling them to get her out of the time they managed to remove all the wood from on top of her though it was too late. I felt empty inside even when my dad pulled up on the side of the road, and paniced over me...I never thought I'd see my dad cry like he did. ivory tried to see if i was okay, but I got pissed at her. You see around the time Ivory was still learning to control her fire, and seeing as my mom doesn't cook until 5:30 Ivory was the only other one who could have started the fire." PJ explained.

"...That's why you stopped being friends with her." I muttered as he nodded.

"Nothing was the same after that. My father wouldn't look at me for a year, he tried but at the end of the day I would remind him too much of my mother. Even I couldn't look at myself after that, I blocked everyone out until no one was left." He stated looking at me.

"I guess you can say I'm terified of fire." He laughed but I could tell deep down he was crying his soul out at the memory.

I hugged him which surprised both of us, but I continued to hold him tight in my embrace.

"...My mom...needed to die for me to be here." I sighed into his shoulder hugging him tighter.

"She mentally lost her mind on my birthday, she was fine at the begining of the day...but later for some reason she snapped. She stood far away from the table with Lux trying to get me to come with her, but I wanted to stay with my uncle and dad. The house blew up...she did something to the many family members died from that one uncle to most of the hit for me, I watched him die. My mom was in front of me with a gun trying to get me to calm down, saying everything was how it should be... I was terrified because she wasn't the woman who raised me. I started to black out due to the damage i took from the explosion, the only thing I heard was my dad telling her to get away from me and her screaming at him before I passed out...I don't know what happened to the rest, and I'm hoping i won't ever know to be honest." I explained.

"...Is that why your dad never came?" He whispered in a serious tone.

I looked over to him and I could see a pained glint in his soul through his eyes.

"...He's gone too...isn't he? That's why when we were working on the project you lied about your parents being out, those people who attacked the school knew you. Their the reason you moved in with Savage in the first place, aren't they?" He asked suddenly as I was shock with how easily he put it all together.

I felt tears swell in my eyes, as the memory of him taking a hit for me at school poped in my kind.

" Yes...they were all after me to find out something I have nothing to do with and...I'm just sorry!" I replied holding back a sob.

"...I'm sorry. I should've b-been the only one of us ending up here...not you. It's my f-fault they came in the first place, they were suppose to shoot me. Not you...I'm so sorry..." I stuttered out.

I breathed deeply trying to hold back the tears, than he suddenly pulled me into a hug.

"None of this was your fault. Your mom went insane on her own, you didn't make that happen. Those people dragged you into that whole mess, you didn't have control over that. As for me getting hurt? That was my choice. Did I do it because of you? Yes, but the thing is I wanted to. Your a cool nerd! Cooler than I expected mean more to me than you know. None of this was your fault, things happen but it's based on others choices and how we react." He stated as I stared at him surprised by his outlook on situations, he grabbed my hand causing me to fight back a blush.

"Fresh. You didn't get to have a choice before, but now you are stronger, smarter, and more independant. What I'm trying to say is that you can't stop or choose what others do, but you can choose how you react so..." He trailed off giving me a nervous but encouraging smirk.

"What will you do?"

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