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"If you put good people in a bad place, do the people triumph or does the place corrupt them?"

Philip Zimbardo

i. hey jude, the beatles ii. just can't get enough, depeche mode iii. what a catch, donnie, fall out boy iv. be still, only shadows v. every breath you take, the police vi. supermassive black hole, muse vii. liability, lorde viii. mess is mine, vance joy ix. 100 letters, halsey x. holocene, bon iver xi. o, coldplay xii. my kind of man, vance joy xiii. somebody else, the 1975 xiv. sober, p!nk xv. harder to breathe, maroon 5 xvi. stockholm syndrome, muse xvii. look what you made me do, taylor swift xviii. another one bites the dust, queen

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