Chapter 3: Rebecca

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Meanwhile as the brothers were beginning their adventure on the mysterious island. Rebecca, a young women in her early twenties, and was native to the island. She pounced through the mountainous forests, each step she took was strategically placed before it hit the ground in such a way that it maintained her pace.

The terrain was dense in front of her, filled with hidden hazards as she made sure each step landed solidly to maintain her pace. The jungle was starting to clear as she hopped up on a boulder and could see a dark opening hidden amongst some bushes, it was certainly a cave of some sort but she couldn't remember if this one had already been marked.

She crouched down on the boulder and took out the map she had folded up in her pocket and started to cross reference her location with the piece of paper. Until she determined her location, there was nothing on the map just green not a single mention of a cave system in the area.

"This cave isn't on the map."

Her words were filled with confusion, she lived in these forests day in and day out when she wasn't at home with her father. However this one particular cave never stuck out in her eleven years of adventuring. Looking for a new adventure, Rebecca folded up the map and hid it back in her pocket before leaping from the rock.

Hesitant of the cave's secrets, and what ever monster's might be waiting for her. Rebecca slowly creeped toward the cave making sure not to disturb any inhabitants that were waiting for her, about halfway to the cave's mouth she begins to scour the ground looking for something at her feet until deciding on a hefty looking rock.

Sizing it up in her hands, she threw it up and caught it a couple of times gaining a sense of weight for the rock. Then winded back and whipped it toward the mouth of the cave. The rock left her hand and spiralled through the air and bounced off the left side of the cave entrance and into its dark depths.

Rebecca watched from a distance for a moment to see if anything would stick its head out, but nothing, seconds maybe even minutes passed before finally deeming it safe enough to enter. Still acting cautious though, Rebecca approached the cave placing a hand on the edge of the entrance and peered into the darkness. It was pitch black, she could barely see five feet into the cave as she reached into her pocket and pulled out her trusty engraved lighter with her family crest on it.

She attempted to light the small flame, but only got spark after spark until the flint finally caught and the small flame burst to life devouring the air that was once in its place. Moving the flame in front of the entrance, Rebecca managed to see a little deeper into the brightened darkness. Although it wasn't much the lighter provided just enough light for her to begin her decent. It doesn't take long for her to get to the end of the cave passage. Placing a hand on the end wall, she expected to touch what she would assume was a rock wall but instead the feeling of what could only be described as a couple planks of wood met her hand.

Putting the lighter to the flat surface, Rebecca was in fact touching what looked like the remains of a broken door. She felt around the edges studying the board and trying to figure out how it was mounted to the rock, but there was nothing it was like the cave had formed around the wood, it was flawless not a single point of weakness.

"This looks like it was placed here years ago and has molded to the rock face."

The girl mumbled to herself as she felt a bit of air flow, blow through the cracks in the wood. Immediately Rebecca turned her focus from looking at the board to destroying it, while the flow of air could only mean there was a cave behind it.

Rebecca began tapping the board in random places before finally finding one spot that catches her ear and she realized the wood was already starting to rot from the other side. Taking a step back, she unsheathed the machete at her side and prepared to make her first attempt in breaking the wood. Struggling to reposition her body in a way that she had a clean shot at the wooden wall, Rebecca put her back against the curve of the cave and made herself as parallel to the broken door as she could and then swung the blade.

To the young girl's surprise the machete made clean contact with the wood, and the board cracked ever so lightly in half. She swung it again, dealing what she would soon realize was the doors killing blow as the whole thing crumbled inward and fell into the hidden cave. With the destroyed door no longer an obstacle, it had revealed a large oval like room that was hidden at least twenty feet under the surface. Rebecca took her first step into the cave and her foot left the hard rock and sank into knee deep water.

The water began to seep through the newly formed opening as well, while Rebecca's tiny lighter pushed against the darkness as she entered the oval room but it barely cleared a visible path. Moving her other foot into the room, she stumbled a little on the hidden ground before collecting her balance. The little lighter wasn't strong enough, leaving no sign of any visible path as the water was a dusty brown and was pungent with the smell of stale water.

Coming this far Rebecca continued to push through the dark and murky water until she sees something dangling for the roof in a perfect column of light that shined down from a hole that must have been hidden on the surface. She approached the hanging object as it slowly came into the glowing orange light revealing more details about it.

"What is this?"

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