Part 1

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He's just so perfect, sitting there with his pretty little head in his hand, fingers curling slightly into his jet black hair, taking notes oh so innocently as the professor explains the various theories that fanatics of 'An Inspector Calls' have came up with behind who Inspector Goole could really be. Nico wants to vomit in his mouth. He could feel the years slipping off his life the longer this class went on, the longer he stared at the back of Percy Jackson's head.

Nico sighs quietly just as a piece of paper is slipped onto his desk. He frowns and unravels it, gritting his teeth as he reads the words that had been scrawled so untidily it just had to be Leo's handwriting. YOU'RE STARING. ASK HIM OUT ALREADY. Nico grabs his pen and quickly writes out his response, I'LL KILL YOU, VALDEZ, and folds the paper back and slips it to the desk beside his. He hears Leo snicker next to him just as class finishes up, and the lunch bell sounds.

"You need to stop, Nico, otherwise people'll start to get onto you," Leo smiles as he packs his things away, causing Nico to glare.

Nico looks over to Percy and watches him pack his things away nearly into his backpack, chatting animatedly to the person that sits at the desk next to his with a huge smile on his face. Nico wonders how his cheeks don't ache. He never seems to not be smiling.

"You're doing it again!" Leo grins, hand on his hip as he waits for Nico to finish packing.
"Jesus, Nico, you have a problem, dude! Getcha head in the game!"

Nico cracked a smile at that and shook his head, shoving his last book into his backpack, zipping it up and slinging it over his shoulder.

"I don't like him, Leo," Nico says as he and Leo exit the classroom together. "I never have, and I never will. He's too...he's just too Percy."

"That's not a proper reason, di Angelo." Leo smirks as the pair join the lunch que and each grab a tray. "I don't see what's so bad about him. Sure, he's arrogant, and a major lady stealer, but that's just standard senior shit."

"Oh my god, Leo, let it go," Nico laughs, a rare sound indeed, "he went out with Calypso once, and it's not like you've ever spoken to her before. Plus, you're onto that Grace guy now, right?"

"Shut up!" Leo hisses, going bright red and slapping Nico's arm, "So what? He still went out with her," Leo pauses for a second, shrugging slightly, "even if Jason is my man now."

Nico chuckles at that, "Yeah, you've never spoke to him either, man. Hate to break it ya."

"He'll be my man one day." Leo sighs dreamily and nudges Nico's side. "But Jackson, everyone knows he's gaga about you, he could be yours today if you wanted, which you do-"

Nico rolls his eyes. Honest to God, who gave this kid sugar today? "I don't like him, Leo, and he doesn't even know me. He probably doesn't even know the names of any of the girls he's fucked, either, so that means it's a definite no to him being 'gaga' for me. Get that through your thick skull."

"Sure." Leo hums as he gets to the food counter, and the lady asks him what he'll be having. Nico tunes out then, and looks around the cafeteria.

He focuses first on his sophomore little sister, Hazel, who sits with her senior boyfriend Frank. Nico was not happy with this arrangement at first, but as he got to know Frank and realised he was actually a pretty nice guy, Nico warmed up to him. As long as Hazel was happy, that was all Nico cared about. It did bother Nico that Frank was apart of the same group as Percy Jackson, but he couldn't exactly dictate who sat with who.

And that then brings him to the next few people sat around Frank and Hazel, Percy and his group. Percy sits with a blonde girl named Annabeth who Nico didn't actually mind, when she wasn't being totally insufferable. Jason Grace, a football player and Leo's apparent man, sits next to her, and to him sits three girls, Reyna, Rachel and Piper. Nico didn't know enough about them to hate them. Yet.

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