Poem For You, My Best Friend

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Dear Best Friend,

Lets not pretend that you'll be all alone.

Sure you've got other friends,

There my friends too but I'll give you the loan.

Just stay clear of of her...

If she bothers you just gimme a text,

I've beaten a lot of people...she'll be next.

I'll miss you like a fat, hungry kid misses cake,

And I love you like Father Jack loves saying 'For feck sake',

I used to like change a lot, now I'm not sure,

Because it left me wanting you back, and so much more.

I'm moving away from you soon,

That's when my sadness will inflate like a balloon.

But I swear 'll come and visit,

Cause if there's an opportunity to see you and everyone else...

For the life of me I wouldn't miss it.

Even the journey from here to the moon,

Not even a distance as great as that would change my love for you...♥