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( introduction )


when parents get divorced, it doesn't just affect them. it affects their kids the most. how would it feel if the people who loved each other and even created you, just suddenly didn't love each other anymore?

it's truly heartbreaking.

now, when the divorced parent you're now living with finds a new significant other, how are you supposed to feel? do you just ignore them at all costs (because you miss the parent that left) or just let it go and be happy for them?

in this case, macy hargrove absolutely loved the new woman her dad had met. however, her older brother billy wasn't so fond of any shit his dad does.

the woman their dad was madly in love had a daughter. her name was maxine, but when macy met her for the first time, she was stubborn over the fact she called her 'maxine'. she only went by max.

now that their parents were engaged, they'd be forced to be a family now. macy was ecstatic when she found out they would be moving to a small town.

a small town called hawkins, indiana.

author's note | heyo okay so this is a short intro but chapter one will be up soon. i just finished stranger things season 2 at 1am and i'm so in love. i've never written a fanfic for the first one, and i feel like i can do more with this season. enjoy (it'll get better, trust.)

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