Chapter 1~ Unexpected Challenger

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I laid my guitar on the ground, all my pokemon besides Peanut were asleep.

"Where did you put the branches Peanut?" I whispered to the rapidash. "I put them over by where Aly is sleeping."

I walked over to Aly quietly. I didn't want to wake anyone up. I spotted the pile of branches not too far from Aly.

I pointed to them and Peanut nodded. I stepped over Aly and picked up the pile of sticks. I stepped back over Aly and placed the sticks near Peanut.

"Peanut use ember." I once again whispered to the fire horse pokemon. She obeyed without question, and lit the sticks on fire.

She laid down near the fire. I snuggled up close to her and pulled a blanket over me. "Night Peanut."


I opened my eyes slowly and sat up. Peanut was still asleep. So where all my other pokemon.

I got up and folded the blanket. I placed it into one of my backpacks. The fire was slowly dying out as the sun rose.

"Your up early." I looked behind me to see who was talking. It was my female Meowstic, Phantom.

"So are you." I replied as I sat near the dying fire. Phantom sat in my lap and handed me her brush.

"What are we doing today?" Phantom questioned as I stroked her hair with the brush. I shrugged my shoulders in response.

"We might leave Pinwheel today. There was a trainer looking for me yesterday. So, I don't want to stay here to much longer." I continued to brush her fur as I explained why I wanted to leave soon. "Plus I want to switch out some pokemon."

"You're getting rid of me!?" Phantom whined. "Maybe, I don't know who I am switching out yet. You are one hell of a drama queen to deal with for a long time."

"Your mean! I am a perfect angel!" Phantom continued to complain and whine. I gave her back her brush and stood up.

I took a Pokeball off my belt and pointed it at her. "Phantom return." Phantom was sucked into the ball. I smiled slightly as I put the pokeball back onto my belt.

I returned the rest of my pokemon besides Aly to their pokeballs. I gave each of my pokemon a backpack to carry. The backpack I was carrying had food, water and my TM/HMs. I got onto Aly's back.

"Why couldn't you ride Peanut?" The disaster pokemon asked with annoyance. "Because I haven't ridden you in a while." I smirked as Aly huffed. She mumbled something I couldn't make out. Aly started to walk our way out of the forest.

"Hold it right there!" I turned a little and saw, Emily I think her name was. "I want to battle you for your title as Champion of Unova." She continued. Aly started cracking up.

"I have been champion for the past two years. You sure you want to battle?" I asked to hopefully make her back down. "Of course I want to battle. I have trained night and day for this battle." But, it seemed to make her even more determined.

"Fine." I spat out on anger. "Don't lose your temper." Aly said as shes starting to notice my change in voice. I stuck my tongue out as I returned her to her pokeball. "Awesome! Come out guys."

A bunch of cameras and what looks like announcers came out of the forest. How did I not sense them. Oh for the match to count it needs to have a referee and the former champion there. It was starting to make sense now.

"Alright this will be a three on three match." The referee started to say. "First with no pokemon left loses. Emily the challenger goes first. While Lyla the Champion goes second."

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