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"Everyone quiet!" yelled a man. A hood girl nodded her head at him.

"Thank you. Every one now that I have your attention, I have an important announcement to make," the girls voice boomed around the room. "I am going to start attending Ouran Private Academy tomorrow. Do not worry; I will still be in charge. As usual the Directors will run things and I am only to be called when there is an emergency or if there are to be deals with other companies. Questions?"

"Miss Nazo, why are you going back to school?" asked an employee.

"I have not been to a school in four years and I would like to have High School experience and maybe some friends my age." The room nodded. "You are dismissed."

The room emptied quickly and the girl made her way down stairs. No one has seen her face, not a single person. Not for 4 years. She entered the lobby people stopped.

"Hello Miss Nazo," people greeted and bowed. She is greatly respected throughout the company and well admired. She continued out to the front of the building. A black car pulled up and she climbed in the back.

"Hello, Miss Sakura," said the driver.

"Hello Lee," I said. Lee was one of the few servants she allowed to address her by her surname. The car drove steadily through the city when my phone rang. I looked at it to see a familiar number. I answered.

"Hello," I said.

"Hello Miss Nazo! How is everything?" the man asked.

"Everything is wonderful Mr. Haninozuka. How is everything with you?" I said.

"Just fine. I am calling to see if you could meet me today. I want to finalize the agreement between our dojos," Yorihisa said.

"That's fine. I am will head over to you place now," I stated.

"What time will you arrive?"

"15 minutes or a little less."

"Very well then. I look forward to you arrival. Goodbye."

"Goodbye," I said. hanging up. "Lee would you please head to the Haninozuka house hold please."

"As you wish Miss," Lee said turning left.


"That should do it," Yorihisa said looking over the papers. I sat across from him sipping my tea. "This agreement is perfect. We will get along well Miss Nazo."

"I sure do hope so," I said.

"I hear you are going to start attending Ouran Academy tomorrow," Yorihisa said.

"Yes I am. There is no need to worry. The Haninozuka Dojo will be working directly with me," I said. Mr. Haninozuka nodded.

"That is good to hear. I have a son that is going in to you grade. If you would like I can have him show you around?" Mr. Haninozuka asked.

"Thank you for the offer but there is no need. I have already taken a tour of the school," I said.

"Very well," Mr. Haninozuka looked at the clock. "It is late. Would you like to stay for dinner?"

"That would be nice. Thank you," I said. We both got up and headed to the dinning room. We walked in to be greeted with several people sitting at the table. Mr. Haninozuka cleared his throat. Everyone looked at him.

"Everyone I would like you to meet Ms. Nazo. She will be joining us for dinner," Mr. Haninozuka said.

" I am Yasuchika," Said a boy standing up. He wore glasses and had brown hair.

"I am Reiko, Yorihisas' wife," said a women with brown hair.

"I am Mitsukuni but you can call me Honey," said a short blonde haired boy. He looked like a kid.

"Nice to meek you all. I am Sakura Nazo," I said bowing. Dinner was served in 3 courses. Appetizers, Main, and Dessert. I really didn't care for the first two courses. Dessert was brought out and a smile appeared on my face.

"CAKE!" Honey cheered. Loos like I am not the only on that likes cake.

"Mitsukuni, do not shout. We have a guest," Yorihisa scowled.

"Sorry," Honeypouted. I laughed.

"It's fine. It is nice to know that you love cake is much as I do," I said. The Haninozuka's looked at me in disbelief.

"You love cake too? What kind?" asked Honey

"I do love cake. I don't really have a favorite,I love them all," I said shrugging.

"That is so cool," Honey said. Honey and I soon got into a deep discussion about cake. Then the bell chimed 8 o'clock.

"Ah it is getting late. Thank you for having me for dinner. I must be going," I said heading for the door.

"Thank you for staying for dinner," Mrs. Haninozuka said. I bowed to them and said farewell. I climbed into my limo. Lee headed home.

At least tomorrow I will know some more people at the school.


I know that Reiko (Honey's mom) is only in the manga but I really wanted to put her in it. Please don't hate! >x<

Hoped you enjoyed!

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