Good morning (Mature)

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(EXAMSSSSSSSSSSS!! sorry guys but i had to study.....heres the next chapter y'all)

It was completely dark and it was very late at night. They both ripped each others clothes off aggressively and felt nothing but the cold, silky sheets hugging them. 

Rainbow couldn't see AJ's face clearly but she could distinguish some of her facial features as the moonlight hit her AJ's face.

AJ's hair tie had disappeared somewhere in the atmosphere and her blonde, wavy hair fell like curtains onto her breasts.

Rainbow wanted to give AJ the best first experience she could imagine, she wanted her to scream her name all night long. Rainbow left a trail of hickeys all over her stomach leading down in between her legs, this was the moment of desire, right now AJ wanted nothing more than Rainbow.

Rainbow was experienced, she knew what she was doing and she knew what AJ needed. She started working under the sheets of silk making AJ spread her legs more and she let out a small gasp.

At that moment Rainbow knew that AJ was ready to get rough. Rainbow pushed her face deeper in between AJ's legs making her widen her eyes at the sudden feeling. AJ let out a load moan, soon she was continuously moaning while digging her claws into the bed from pleasure.

(15 minutes later)

AJ was about to explode (writers block~ can't imagine a lesbian sex scene and write it while i'm eating pizza, its impossible XD)

"Rainbow! argh-" AJ moaned her name almost lifting up from her position but Rainbow pushed her back down. At this time AJ had already lost her mind and she was already wet as she just hit the climax.

Rainbow lifted her sweaty face from under the silk. AJ was trembling and twitching beneath her. AJ had goosebumps and she was breathing heavily. Her blush was very visible in the darkness, Rainbow smirked and moved up closer to AJ's face.

AJ wrapped her arms around Rainbow's neck and pulled her in for a kiss, after a few seconds of kissing Rainbow pulled away "how was your first time?" Rainbow asked with a smirk.

AJ let out a quiet giggle "it was really good" AJ whispered in Rainbow's ear seductively.

Rainbow rolled over onto her back laying next to AJ, AJ hugged her. It was 03:24 in the morning, they were both tired and fell asleep.

(Next morning

AJ usually wakes up very early in the morning but this time she slept in, instead, Rainbow Dash woke up early. She was completely naked and her hair was messy.while she was looking for her clothes she managed to wake AJ up from all the noise she has been making. AJ opened her eyes and looked at Rainbow.

AJ has noticed something she never noticed before, Rainbow had a tattoo on her back. AJ knew about the tattoo on her arms with the rainbow bolt and cloud but she never saw the blue wings on her back. Why didn't she notice it when they were skinny dipping last night?

"i didn't know you had a tattoo on your back" AJ said with a shocked tone.

Rainbow put a shirt on and turned around to AJ "I had that tattoo when i was 14, my mom grounded me for a month when she found out" Rainbow said while sitting next to AJ.

AJ got up and kissed Rainbow. Rainbow's phone started ringing and she stopped kissing AJ to see who it was. Rainbow's mom was calling.

Rainbow answered the call "hey, mom" Rainbow said happily.

"Rainbow, me and your dad have come up with an idea, we want to stay with you at the lake house for the whole of summer!" Rainbow's mom said enthusiastically.

"WHAT!!?" Rainbow didn't like this idea, she and AJ would have to pretend there's nothing going on between them, she wasn't ready to tell her parents about her sexuality and the fact that she is dating AJ.

"you heard it right, we'll be there in 5 hours" Rainbow's mom said while laughing with Rainbow's dad.

Rainbow quickly hung up with widened eyes and threw her phone to the edge of the bed.

AJ got dressed and put on her hat, she sat next to Rainbow "whats wrong? you look annoyed about something" AJ said as she nudged Rainbow lightly.

Rainbow glanced at AJ "My parents are going to be here in 5 hours, and they're staying with us for the summer" Rainbow said as she frowned.

AJ gave Rainbow a confused look "so why are you so unhappy about it? aren't you happy that your parents are visiting?" AJ asked

Rainbow stood up and started to walk around the room, it would be much harder to tell her parents about her relationship when AJ is here, something could go wrong, they might not accept her and AJ could witness all of this.

" see, i have a similar problem like you" Rainbow said turning to AJ

AJ gave Rainbow another confused look "what do you mean by that, Rainbow?" she said while standing up and walking forward to Rainbow.

Rainbow looked down at the floor "...they don't know that i'm gay, an i'm too scared to tell them about it"

(This chapter is a little shorter but i'll add more detail to the next chapter, right now i don't have time. Kpop, Anime, mlp and fanfics are pulling me away from my notes that i should be looking at for my exams XDD)

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