Fallin' Up ~ Part 4 {Jaebum FF}

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"When two people really care about each other, they will always look for a way to make it work, no matter how hard it is."

Summary: Being someone's little sister is hard.... especially when you have an older brother who has a best friend you have a huge crush on and you can't-do anything about it... But little do you know he has a crush on you as well. What will happen?


"Just like your canceling your date with the girl?" You told him right back and suddenly you noticed him remaining quiet and just awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.

"Right?" You asked again waiting for your response and he quickly sighs.

"I can't..." What?

"Why?" You quickly blurted out frustrated.

"Jackson will think something's up. And we promised each other that we would keep us a secret. So to get him off my back I have no choice but to go on the date." Is this boy serious right now? You understand that the two of you are supposed to keep you two a secret but Jaebum has to be fair. He can't just tell you to cancel your date while he still goes to his.... Make no sense. However instead of arguing you just rolled your eyes and turned your back on him.

"Good to know." You said about to walk away and yo felt Jaebum grab your hand.


You let go of his grip and continued to walk.

Keeping your two a secret was going to be a lot harder than you thought


You know what.... if it's okay for Jaebum to go on his date with the girl then that means it perfectly fine if you go out on another date with Yugyeom. If you just randomly reject Yugyeom date offer for no reason it would look fishy.

You walked down the stairs fresh and out of the shower. Just as you were about to open the door to head out, you heard someone call you. Great.

"Y/N! where are you going?" You turned around and there you find Jackson calling you over.

You walked into the living room and found Jaebum glued to his phone and Jackson looking right at you. You were going to pull Jackson aside and tell him you had a date but to be honest you wanted Jaebum to hear this.

"I'm actually going on another date with Yugyeom." As soon as you said those words, that's when you caught Jaebum's attention. He looked up from his phone and his eyes were on you. You were doing the complete opposite of what Jaebum told you to do.

"So last night's date was a success?" You guess...

"You can say that." You smiled and you could see jealousy rush through Jaebum. You didn't care at this point. If Jaebum can go on a date with another girl while the two of you are seeing one another so can you.

"I didn't think Yugyeom was your type of guy. He seems a little intimidated by you." Jaebum says and Jackson laughs. Wait why does Jaebum think it's okay to talk? Were you talking to him?

"I actually think they are pretty cute together. As long as he doesn't hurt you," Jackson says and all you could do was smile at Jaebum knowing he was probably mad. You didn't feel like dealing with Jaebum emotions right.

"Well see you later!" You waved as Jackson looked back at his phone and Jaebum was still looking at you, you gave him a small quick wink and walked out of your house. You don't care what you just caused. Right now you have every right to do whatever you want.

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