Ch.41 Not meant to be celebrated part 1

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AN; I usually do the character's birthday when their created and i know Fresh wasn't born this day but it makes sense with the plot, and i'm also typing the chapters on computer now so bare with me! Lol enjoy!

Ch.41 Not meant to be celebrated part 1


"We're here!" Savage yelped after she slammed the door open, I lazily sat up just as the doctor walked in after Savage and Lux.

"M'am only family is al-"

"Um! Exuse to the fucking you! Hummn this is my child!" Savage yelped slamming a 'real' adoption paper in the nurses face.

"Oh! Sorry Mrs.Ort-"

"Nope! I don't want to hear it. I just want to speak to my children in private, now get out!" Amber stated pointing to the door, the nurse not wanting to be yelled at anymore walked out.

However the doctor soon strolled in the moment the nurse left.

"Hello, Mrs.Ortiz. Unfortunately your son will have to stay here for one more day." He stated holding a few papers.

"What? Why?" I asked as my doctor looked at me and then my 'mother'.

"We have a few more tests that have to be done before you go, we have to make sure nothing else is wrong. It will be simply tests, for now though you can enjoy being outside with your friend. Will that be alright Mrs.Ortiz?" The doctor asked as Savage nodded, with that the doctor walked to the door grabbing the handle.

"Oh, and congratulations." The doctor said as we gave him a weird look.

"Congratulations what?" I asked as the doctor smiled.

"Oh why it's your birthday young man." The doctor said closing the door as me, Savage, and Lux were lefting gaping like fish.

"..." I stood silent feeling like a hollow tree just waiting to be chopped up or burnt down.

"...I'm seventeen..."  I mumbled as small memories hit me.

Flash backs


Oh look at you! You handsome little rascle you! He came out to be as handsome as me!" I laughed as my uncle cheered carring me on his shoulder.

"You? Handsome? In the same sentence? What a miracle! However do keep in mind that he's my son so he technically gets his looks from me." My father chuckled rolling his eyes.

"Ha! Your cute Bay Bay but if anything the good looks comes from our side of the family!" My mom said to my dad hugging her brother who carried me, as she held a five year old Lux in her arms.

"Ah, come on dove! Who's side are you on!?" My dad laughed pretending to feel betrayed.

"He's seven today right?" My uncle asked my mother looked at him annoyed.

"Pax!" She yelped as me and my dad laughed.

"O-OKAY I GUESS THAT A YES!" My uncle yelped dodging an apple my mom threw at him.

"Do you know what that means?" He asked looking to me as I shook my head.

"Your going to be seventeen in 10 years, which means I can start teaching the arts of driving like an insane ninja! Remember that..."  His voice disapppeared and next thing I knew i was back in the burnt up nightmare that's haunted me for years.

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