We walk towards the stage and Jin hyung carry the chair for me and place it where it is near them.

"Thanks for coming, sorry for not being able to dance and show my best performance. ARMYs who are concerned , I just want to say I am okay ."

Once the concert end , we thank the staffs and we went back to the waiting room. I took out my phone and I was surprise when Seulgi noona text me.

Seulgi Noona 💛 : "Jimin-ah gwenchana? I heard you're sick. Get well soon and congrats on your tour :)."

Park Jimin: "Sorry for the late reply, nae noona , I am fine and thank you. How are you?"

To my surprise she replied me back. That's fast.

Seulgi Noona 💛: "I am fine too :) okay Jimin I got to go , talk to you soon. Annyeong 💛"

Park Jimin: "Talk to you soon too, Saranghae 💛"


I put my phone back and went to join the members.

"Seulgi noona, how I wish I could meet you right now"

Kang Seulgi

Chim Chim 💛: "Talk to you soon too, Saranghae 💛"

My heart beat fast when he sent me that.

"Ooooo unnie is blushing" Joy said and the rest look at me while smirking.

"Must be Park Jimin" Irene unnie said

"Hehehe, well"

"Ah ah arraso unnie, we won't disturb you" Yeri said and they all went to do their own things.

I look at the convo again , asking myself if I should reply him back or just leave it.

"If you love him you should reply him back, it's bad to leave a guy hanging" Wendy said.

I was surprise.

"Aish Wendy you scare me"

"Hehe mian, by the way go for it Seulgi. we all know you love him soooo"

I sigh and look at my phone. Maybe I should.

Chim Chim 💛: "Talk to you soon too, Saranghae 💛"

Kang Seulgi: "Nado Saranghae 💛"


After sending that text , I grab my pillow and scream. Damn that was nerve-wrecking.

"Unnie micheosseo?" Yeri ask

"Yah! I am not crazy"

"Well you are. Crazy inlove" Yeri smirk.

I look at her and blush

"Unnie is blushing, Unnie is blushing" Yeri tease me.

"Yah! hajima"

She stop and laugh while I shook my head.

"Park Jimin, I wanna meet you"

"Park Jimin, I wanna meet you"

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Chapter 19

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