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I can't remove her from my mind. Her almond-shaped chocolate brown eyes with thick dark black lashes above it, her natural tulip-red perfect lips, her rosy cheeks, pearl white skin and her short curly jet black hair that bounces as she walks the floor. She was everything I could think of. Her distinct floral scent, her warm, blissful voice and her witty choice of words. The way she waves at everybody with her... boyfriend. With the fourteen years of my existence and ten years spending it watching her. I only saw her have one boyfriend. Jared. They were together for three years. Jared was the ace soccer player of the school. He was very handsome; he has deep black eyes just like mine, except for the athletic features and awesome body figure with the down-to-earth attitude that anyone likes.

But the lively and vibrant Jean was gone. After Jared's death last year, Jean was always alone. Instead of wearing her girly casual clothes, she wears jeans, simple black shirts and white jacket that isolated her from all of us. She goes to school and do every school thing alone. From the Queen Jean to completely nobody.

I sighed as I looked through the glass, moving her away from my sight. She was there, right beside the end of the room at the corner. Her hood was up that conceals every bit of her beauty. She tapped the wooden table with her forefinger while she sat on the chair with her legs up and folded near her chest. She rocked her body too, an evidence that her iPod is on. I sighed again; I stared blankly at the black clouds outside. "Mr. Lopez, can you please translate the seventh up to twelfth phrase?" Mr. Montero, an old bald man and our Spanish teacher asked me suddenly that made me jumped and suddenly stood up. The whole class laughed as I did my stupid act. I exhaled in embarrassment, my thoughts were scattered I hadn't heard what Mr. Cruz said. "Mr. Lopez, the seventh up to the twelfth phrase." He repeated, irritated. I took my book and read the seventh phrase to the twelfth phrase for a few seconds.

"I'm not a perfect guy. My hair is always messy and I spill things a lot. I'm pretty clumsy and sometimes, I have a broken heart. My friends and I sometimes fight and there are these days nothing goes right. But when I think about it and take a step back, I remember how amazing life truly is. And maybe, just maybe...I like being imperfect because it makes me somehow perfect." I explained, "As expected from you Mr. Lopez, perfect as always." He said as he continued in class. Well, I'm a typical student except in the academics, but other than that, yes a normal student. The bell rang and we're free. When I went outside, Daryl was waiting for me outside. "As expected from you Mr. Lopez, perfect as always." He imitated Mr. Cruz. "He's really a troubled man, don't cha think? He still calls you and interrupts your day dream with the fact that he knew that you were the smartest." He said sarcastically. We walked, but then Jean went outside the room. As usual, she was the last. "Please don't tell me, you still like her!" Daryl hissed, I rolled my eyes, "Mr. River Lopez stop you're dreams!" he pushed me, and I just laughed with him.

I went through my own routine; skate boarding after school, a car race with Daryl, dinner at Uncle Steven's, do my home works and greeted my parents. I threw myself to the bed and set the alarm clock, set it at four tomorrow, March 15 2010. Tomorrow, Jean's birthday and Jared's third death day. I sighed and shut down my system.

The next day I woke up and ate my breakfast. After that drove I to school and was surprised to what I see as I entered my first class. Just like three years ago, on my freshmen year. She walked through that door in a fabulous light blue dress and black sandals. Her short curly jet black hair bounced as she walks the floor gracefully and waved at everybody and greeted them good morning with her warm and blissful voice with her irresistible smile. Her almond-shaped chocolate brown eyes with thick dark black lashes above it, her natural tulip-red perfect lips, her rosy cheeks, pearl white skin. Everything, everything about her was back. The vibrant Jean came back and enlightened the whole school. Our classmates were surprised as I am, everything went bright as she made her way to the front seat and greeted everybody. Slowly, as we recovered, few of my classmates greeted her happy birthday and she would show her irresistible smile, "Thank you. I didn't think you would remember it." She laughed lightly and warmly. And just like a miracle, I laughed with them. If this is a dream I don't want to wake up. Ever.

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