Cover Art: @FranCafe

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Isn't the cover for our anthology fantastic! We are very lucky ducks.

We had many fabulous entries submitted to @Wattpunk Art Aesthetic cover contest, we really do appreciate the effort of all the creators who took the time to produce some really cool punk art covers.

We are pleased to present the winning entry.

Thank you  FranCafe

From our cover creator: FranCafe

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From our cover creator: FranCafe

I'm Franca Fenu, I've been a designer for years for the Italian fashion industry. Graphics, drawing and writing, which made me discover Wattpad, have always been my passions. Me and my daughter Sarah, share an interest in steampunk often synonym of objects full of inventive. James Corbett's sculptures are an inspiration. Sarah Mercolino supported me in creating the cover. I'd love to thank Wattpad and @Wattpunk for this incredible opportunity.

Thank you so much,


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