Chapter Three.

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Sorry its been so long since ive updated, but since midge and i have been writing a lot for our horror story, i got back in the mood for writing horror :D i hope you guys still like this, and enjoy

so without further delay, here's the next chapter!!!

I paced around the house the rest of the night after the people left. I felt Damon's eyes burning into the back of my head the whole time.

He was thinking, contemplating about what he was going to do with me. If these people moved in and that boy could see me, Tate's little gig was up.

"Why do you defy me so much?" he finally asked as I heard him stand up behind me. "Why can't you just play along with the rules, like all the others" his cold breath whispered in my ear as his hand wrapped around my waist.

Quickly ripping myself from his grasp I turned to glare at him.

"I don't listen to anyone" I hissed.

"I know you don't and that's what got you a nice metal bar across your pretty little fingers" he chuckled taking hold of my hand.

I looked down at my fingers feeling the pain and hearing the crunch of the bones. Even though my fingers look perfectly fine now, but if you went down an found my body in the basement. The bones in my hands would be broken into a million tiny pieces.

"Shut up" I tore my hands away from his.

"Feisty, I heard Kain enjoys that" he smirked stepping forward smacking my ass.

"Enough" I jumped hearing a louder voice, a voice no one not even me would fuck with.

"Sorry Gage.... We will behave" I smiled turning to see the darkened silhouette in the doorway.

"Good, if I hear you two arguing again I will personally hurt you." he snapped. "Now Damon I need to talk to you about some important business."

"Ok I'll be right there" Damon said as Gage disappeared into the darkness.

"Better go" I whispered before taking off through the hallway door. I quickly walked through the house making my way to the front door.

I only wanted some fresh air... With all the shit going around in the house, it was driving me absolutely insane. As my hand gripped the door knob I ripped open the door, almost running into a large figure.

"Hey there, I didn't mean to startle you" the voice hushed in a calming tone.

"Yeah" that's when I realized this person saw me, so my eyes flew up and met the same same hazel eyes I saw earlier.

"Why do you always look so surprised?" he chuckled leaning back pulling his aviators off his eyes.

"Um... Well if you knew me you'd probably know why" I said, quietly shutting the front door so no one knew I was out here.

"Well then it's my lucky day, I'm Matt" he smirked reaching out his hand.

"Great" I rolled my eyes, pushing past him. Making sure I didn't touch his hand, because I had no idea what would happen if I did.

"So... Do you always hang out in creepy houses?" he asked, following me.

"Do you always stock people around creepy houses?" I smirked turning around towards him.

"Hey! I just want to know what my friends are going to be living in."

"Well Matt, your friends have picked the wrong house to live in." I sighed, sitting down on the concrete porch.

"Why is that? Nothing seems wrong with it" he sat down next to me looking over the part of the house he could see. "I mean you are here so it can't be that bad"