Chapter 4

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Previously on The Lawyer
Bree just scheduled an appointment for her divorce
Now she needs to find a place to sleep...
Bree's P.O.V:
Guess I have to find a hotel for the night...
I drive to the nearest hotel and park in the parking lot then I go inside, I walk to the concierge.
B:"Good evening, I'd like the cheapest hotel room you've got."
Concierge:"Hello maam. I'm sorry all our cheapest rooms are all booked we've got 2 left; 1 at 300$ and the other one at 500$ a night"
B:"Um, I guess I'm gonna take the 300$ one"
I put all of the money I have infront of him that's all I had.
Con: (take the money)"Okay then but I'm sorry miss but you're 10 dollars short..."
B:" OH C'MON! Can't I do anything?"
Con:" I'd say... A kiss for a dollar."
B:" No way! A kiss for 2 dollars
Con:"A kiss for a dollar and a half or we're done."
B:"I can't believe  that perv! But I'm to tired to go anywhere else, it's either kissing this perv or spending the night in my car. Well it's just 6.6666666667 kisses, i'll be okay. Wait how did I even calculate that? Nevermind.
Con:"Uhhhhh....You done?! Thanks for the compliment by the way."
B:" Whaaaaaaaa-? Did I say that out loud?"
Con:"You kinda did."
B:" I-I wasn't t-talking about y-you. I was talking about my ex, he's the perv.
Con:" Anyways; Deal or no Deal?"
B:"UGH... Deal."
Con:" Okay then."
He lead me to the break room and made sure no one was there.
I was about to kiss him when...
Con:" Stop, I was kidding."
Con:" And since you were so desprate for the room It'll be on the house."
I'm speechless, then he leads me back to the lounge.
B:" Okay, First of all you mister are a total jerk and second of all thank you so much."
Con:" Sure, well here's your key, 5th foor Room 420."
B:" Once again thank you so much for this, And sorry for calling you a perv."
Con:" Wait a minute, I tought you were talking about your ex?"
B:"Yeah sure.... Mkay bye."

Concierge's P.O.V:
She's a weird little lady, but hot.
Am I a perv? NAHHHHHHH.

Bree's P.O.V:
I went running towards the elevator. When I got in I collapsed on the floor. Man that was akward, and it just got a lot more akward cause everyone on the elevator is now looking at me.
The elevator doors closed and then I got up and pressed the 5th floor.The elevator ride took forever because I was the last to enter and to press my flood so I had to wait for everyone on it to get off and that lasted for about 10 minutes.
10 minutes I finally arrived on the 5th floor, I got off and searched for room 420. When I found it I insert the key but the door won't open. Gosh Why am I so stupid.
Unknow:"Want some help?"
B:" No thank you. I can open it my self."
Unknown:" You sure about that."
That's when I heard the sound of of a click and pain shot through my forehead and I found myself on the floor.
Unknown:" Told you I can help you." He said smirking
B:"Oh shut up and help me up."
Unknown:" Sure."
After he helps me up he turns around and walks away.
Unknown:" It was nice meeting you, see you later."
B:" As if."
Turning my attention away from the unknown guy and back to the door.Man is this door weird, I've never seen one that opens like that. Speaking about weird why has my life become this messed up. I mean this morning I was a happy wife with a job. And now I'm a soon to be divorced woman without a job nor a home, I almost kissed a weirdo, humiliated myself infront of bunch of people and a cocky guy. What has my life become. Well no more thinking about that, a good night sleep will get my mind off of things. I get in the hotel room change into my Pjs and finally go to sleep.


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