Neji my loves

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Oh my God, I'm in Naruto gosh I wanna see Neji in flesh. I already forgot about the dagger that the baldy guy pointed on my neck, my thoughts are now full of Neji my loves. God help me I wanna see Neji now huhu and looks like God granted my request. The guy that enters the door next is ROCK LEEEEEEE!!!?? WHATTTTTT!!?

Too much for being an assuming damsel in distress!

I feel like a huge toll in my body vanished, and there I saw the baldy guy lying on the wrecked floor. I guess I'm way to preoccupied that I didn't notice that they already beat that criminal. The surging pain in my arm worsened,and my body is falling,I braces myself for the impact but me falling on the floor doesn't happen. A pair of arm catches me before I fell,And in my blurry vision I saw Neji holding me.

I woke up at a strange room again,but this time it looks more convenient and comfortable. I sat up on the bed and touches my wounded arm,my eyes grew wide when I don't feel anything at all. My wound disappears, and then it hits me,I'm in Naruto so healing as a pie isn't impossible.

"Your awake now Princess,please do change in this clothes."

I feel like my soul gets out from my body when I heard someone speaks behind my bed.

"When did you get behind me?" I asked the lady that just speaks up so suddenly.

"What do you mean by that princess? I've been here the whole time you were sleeping."

What? Is this lady serious? I don't feel her presence at all,maybe I just spaced out to much.

Oh right I wanna ask her something.

"Are the ones who rescued me still here?" Im just way to curious, coz before I lost consciousness I saw Neji my loves holds me in his arms. Jeez just by thought of it makes my face flushed.

"Uh yes princess, but they will be leaving any moment from now."
I hurriedly change my clothes and quickly runs to the door.

"Princess where are you going? Your father told me that you should take your rest."
I can sense panic and worries in her voice. Without doubt this girl is really suited to be my attendee.

"Don't worry,I'll be fine,I just want to thank them personally."

"But his majesty will be mad princess."

"It's okay Father will understand, don't worry too much okay Rikka-chan."

Oh crap what did I say

"It's not Rikka princess,it's Rina."

"Oh sorry I messed up haha."
I laugh awkwardly, on the contrary why did I said that name anyway, stupid me.

I run through the palace corridors, but I realized something that makes me stop on my tracks. Crap I didn't know where to find them,Luckily I saw one of the palace guards doing some rounds on the palace's corridor, he bowed down when he saw me and then he continues doing his work.

"Wait!" I called him and he answers me with a confused look.
"What is it princess?" He asks politely without looking into my eyes,his just bowing down.

"Umm do you know where the leaf ninjas were?"

"I remember that they are in the palace's dining area,his Majesty is giving his tribute to them for saving you princess."

"Oh I see,thank you so much for telling me." I smiled at the guard and runs down to the dining area that he mentioned.

I got lost many times in this palace walls,thank God maids and guards are everywhere, I asked them where the dining area was. They are even confused and shocked that I forgot where that is,but I just laugh it off so they won't notice that I'm really not the princess they thought about.

At last I'm in the Dining room now,I was panting heavily as I open the door. Woohh running around really tires the hell out of me!

The old man wearing a crown stands up as he saw me. I bet that's the king,it's truly undeniable though the crown itself proves it.

"Aki why are you here? You should have take your rest."
This guy must have been my Father,well he's the king and I'm the princess so he's definitely my Dad here. But wait he called me Aki,am I still in anime world or in reality? Don't tell me,Aki is the name of the real princess here? Oh my what a great and pretty coincidence.

"Father I just want to see the face of my rescuers,and I want to thank them personally for saving me from those filthy scoundrels."

"Very well my dear,then go on,and I'll be leaving now I still have some meetings to attend to."

I smiled at the king and bids my goodbye to him.

I sigh heavily as I look at all of them, they are more good looking in person than in the anime.

I smiles at them and bows my head down as a sign of respect.

"I princess Aki owe my life to all of you Ninjas of Konoha,and for that I'm truly thankful to all of you. I'll be forever in your debt great ninjas of the Leaf."

" we are not that great princess,we are just completing our mission to rescue you. Well it's really an achievement for all of us,we are still jonin you know and this is our very first A-rank mission that we had accomplished so far."

I looked at the one who speaks and founds out that it's........
"With that pink hair and red outfit,could you be Sakura?"
Jeez pretending like you don't know them sucks,when all you wanna do is shake thier hands and asks for autographs.

I saw Sakura blushed at my question.

"Yes that's true princess my name is Sakura."
Oh please don't rub it in my face,I know all of you like hell. Oh well I need to pretend more fufufu~~~

"You with the yellow hair,Your Naruto,and you with a shabby hairdo and in green weird looking outfit your Rock Lee am I right?

"Yeah you are so right Princess I'm Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto answers with a wide grin on his face.

"W-weird L-looking O-outfit!!!"

"Oh sorry Lee I didn't mean it as an insult." I quickly apologizes to Lee coz he seems not himself anymore.

"Don't be sorry princess,Lee's outfit is really do weird and out of style." Sakura said as she throw glare daggers at the poor Lee.

"Don't you think it's quite unfair that the princess knows them but not us?" Kiba buts in our conversation.

"K-kiba you shouldn't act like that in front of the princess."
Hinata speaks up to stop Kiba from speaking any further.
Oh Hinata is just way too adorable.

"Don't worry I know all of you,your Kiba and that dog besides you is Akamaru. The pineapple haired guy is Shikamaru,that big looking guy is Choji,the yellow haired chic is Ino. And the chinese doll looking girl is Tenten,that guy with a shades is Shino and that girl with a short hair is Hinata. Did I forget anyone? I asked all of them.

"Yeah you forget o--"
I cut Kiba from speaking.

"There's no way I'll forget Neji my loves!"

Lazy,lazy,lazy fufufu~~~

>∆< >∆< >∆< >∆<

Sleep sleep sleep

Sick sick sick

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