Chapter 1

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"Josh I swear to god, don't ever do that again while I'm sitting near you," I growled at my companion as he scrambled away and buttoned up his pants.

I had been trying to sleep for what seemed like hours but the nightmares wouldn't stop. Every night the same ones. Bright headlights and then the image of my parents' cold lifeless bodies sprawled accross jagged rocks at the bottom of a pit. If not my parents it was the endless repeat of my own hands, dripping in blood, and ringing in my ears that seemed deafening. But that was it, just the two nightmares alternating. 

I would kill to be rid myself of the visions of my dead parents. 

Oh wait. I already tried that.

The bloody hands never never saw who they had killed, my mind was never able to conjure the faces of my victims. I couldn't even remeber them when I was awake. I had blocked those memories out. Pretended like they didn't exist. As if forgetting would redeem me.

The rining in my ears had just subsided and I was finally about to drift off into sleep when the young werewolf next to me began to move. And pant. 

 I glanced at him out of the side of my eye and growled deep in my throat. "The least you could do is get out of my fucking sight." 

He grinned at me and slouched pathetically. He did that a lot. Not much younger than me but it seemed like his common sense stopped developing as a child. 

"We all gotta do what we gotta do. A man has needs here. " he complained, "Although at this point we both know that the chances of you finding your mate are slim to none. No reason to save yourself for later Lila, I'm sure we could come to an agreement." 

I narrowed my eyes at him, disgusted with his idea and completely sick of hearing his whining. The boy had suggested that him and I become sexual partners, satisfying each other when necessary for primal needs only. I had boxed his ears immediately after the words left his mouth and the conversation was left alone. Until now. As the days passed, he had become more defiant, aggressive even. 

"Don't ever bring that up again. Now, if we run for a couple more hours there's a town up ahead." I said.

" I don't want to run anymore. And I'm so fucking hungry ... an-"

I gave him a look and he immediately shut up. His complaining happened almost every single day, about running, about his sexual urges, about his stupid pack. I was a very thin hair away from drowning him in the next body of water we came across.

I sighed and shook my head at him, he just raised an eyebrow at me.

Even though I was sick of his complaining, I couldn't blame him. I was so sick and tired of running too it wasn't even funny. My body cried out to sleep in a regular bed again, I probably thought about the queen size I left behind in my old pack more than I did about my general safety. A new low point for me. 

I closed my eyes while I shifted. I loved to hear to the bones cracking and and reforming into an entirely different shape, disgusting but oddly satisfying. The only thing I could count on to stay the same.

Pulling back on my front paws, I quickly stretched out my back and shook out my fur. Sticking my snout in the air, I sniffed out our direction and padded along my way. We were close enough to civilization that I could smell, and although I acted as though I knew where the hell we were going, I lost my sense of direction two days ago. I needed to visit a town because I needed to look at a map, but this I would never reveal to my little asshole of a companion.

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