Two month's later Mikhail was making dinner for himself, Angel, and Halex, the other's were watching the club until after Angel would go to sleep. He turned the steaks on the stove top grill and sprinkled bits of horseradish butter. Halex had finished producing the drug, Dragon and sold it to Oded's crew for 10 million US Dollars and deposited it into a Trust fund for their baby boy. Angel had begun to sleep in Halex's room once she was put on bedrest and didn't want to be left alone as much as she could help it, and with Halex's private office connected to the bedroom, he could leave the office door open with the hall doors shut and locked.

Mikhail was the only one whom he allowed near her, and he had helped her become friends with Emily, and they chatted over Skype every day when her children were napping. Mikhail enjoyed his new friend, and he plated Dinner, added the herb butter to the baked potatoes and dished up some fresh veggies and headed for the bedroom door.

He knocked, and Halex got up and came through the joining door and let him in, He thanked Halex who also that Mikhail and soon enough they were getting her table in place and settled her in, "Lava cakes are for dessert. " He refilled her juice and brought it back and settled into the recliner while Halex and Angel ate.

"Oh, Mikhail this is wonderful... Thank you for making it."

"I enjoy cooking for you two... it's good practice for when I get home... Angel's a sweetheart, but mothers deserve to be spoiled." He smiled at her and nodded toward Halex. "Well I'm gonna go shower, Halex the cakes are on the stove if I'm not out when you're ." Mikhail headed out, locking the door behind him.

Halex finished dinner and took their plates coming back with the dessert when Angel moaned in pain and held her belly. "Ungh... Halex I think we need to go to the hospital. She said at any sign take me in," She sighed as the pain eased up and she was able to push back the covers, her cotton gown was spotted with blood and Halex grabbed her and headed down to the car, Mikhail disheveled but in a hurry when Halex got him. Halex picked up a box from his dresser, and they got comfortable.

Mikhail safely got them to the hospital despite the busy night in their area of the city. Dr. Kassim was already at the hospital doing rounds of her mothers, and she met them in the elevator, and they rushed to a private room. Mikhail had brought the camera and stayed out of the way as the nurses got her into a hospital gown and got her back on the bed and the doctor was able to evaluate things.

"Water has broken she's bleeding freely we have to do an emergency cesarian get her read, get Halex ready as well. Mikhail, you can't go into the emergency suite, but you can be with the baby once he's out and evaluated by the neonatologist and NICU staff."

The nurses rushed in and got them prepped, and as they rushed down to the suite, Halex pulled the box out and kissed her forehead. "Marry me, Angel, I want to be married before this boy is born." She nodded fear and terror in her eyes as another contraction started and she cried out from the pain, "Yessss." And quickly enough the holy man performed the quick ceremony and declared them wed just as they hit the surgery door. Angel was crying again, and soon enough they had to sedate her.

As soon as she was out the process began and at seven-sixteen pm, baby boy Halex Alexander Adler was born, and Halex deemed that he would be called Alex.

"To be continued in book two. "Until I Knew You"


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