Guys these days.

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Yall I swear I am up to the highest level with guys in my generation. I usually hate when people always down my generation but damn I see now.

Most guys arent about anything but sex I hate that. See I have been doing this online date apps i don't tell them to much about myself cuz folks are crazy anyways so on this app guys speak to me but ive had alot talking about nothing but sex or sexual its annoying af.

I swear all I want is to have a decent conversation but no i can't seem to find anyone who knows how to have one without it turning sexual. Guys are just ugh.

I would tell you all what they say but it's alot it is really annoying my soul.

Idk what to do im really thinking about deleting that and all social media accounts im just so fed up.

What are your thoughts?

Any thing

Please let me know cuz im at the point where ima go off on anybody who come at me bout sex.


Anyways if u have another topic or anything comment it and we'll talk about it

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