Making a mistake

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The day went like normal. Kazuto had to meet up with Kikuoka for a few hours. 

I decided to take a nice hot bath to just unwind. For some reason, Ordinal Scale has been on my mind. 

My phone started to go off.

Tsuboi:Heyyo Sinon! Wanna meet  up with me and the guys for a raid? 

Shino:Sure! What time?

Tsuboi:How bout around  tonight around 7?


I closed my phone and sighed looking at the bubbles in the bath. 

Wonder what Kazuto and Kikuoka are gonna cover in their meeting...

I mostly spent the rest of today by myself catching up on some reading of my favorite series.

My phone started to go off again.

Rika:Shinoooo-saaaan. Are you coming to the raid with the guys, me and Keiko?

Shino:Yeah I'am. Tsuboi asked if I could.

Rika:Okaaay! See you then!! Get Kazuto to come! 😉

Shino:No harassing him😒

Rika:Course not.😛

Time Skip

I got myself all ready for tonight and got my Augma headset.

I met up with Tsuboi and his pals that were all part of his old guild back in SAO. Kazuto was going to be late for some reason and he didn't tell me why.

"Hey, Sinon! Er..Shino-san! Where's Kirit" Tsuboi asked.

"He said he was gonna be late. Not sure why." I shrugged slightly.

"Okay. Well, now we got the best archer/best sniper with us. Shall we get going?" Tsuboi winked at me and I rolled my eyes.

"Not without us you're not!" A girl with short dark brown hair shouts.

Rika and Keiko ran over to us, then we headed right in the middle of the city together.

Yuna appeared before us smiiling.

"Hello, everyone! Let's get this party started!" Yuna announced over microphone, then started to sing one of her songs.

Rika, Keiko, Tsuboi and everyone else started to charge off towards the boss that appeared.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw a familiar looking young man in black armor with a sword watching the players fight.

Kazuto had an odd feeling about this guy...maybe I should confront him....

I headed towards him and he glanced at me.

"Hello, famous archer and also sniper now. It's been a while." He says plainly. I scoffed.

"I figured you out. You used to be part of the <<Knights of the Blood Oath>>. " I say as my eyes narrowed.

"Yes. You aree correct." He replies while keeping his eyes onto Yuna.

This guy is just keeping it brief and not letting up....i have to try to get some kind of answers out of him somehow. For Kazuto's sake.

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