Goodbye SAO,Hello Naruto

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Yow reminder here first

The scenes and acts will not be like in the actual SAO anime. This is a fanfic so it will be different. And in every chapter of this story,it will only stay in One person's Point of view,so in other words only Snow's POV!
Thank you!

What should I do? God I just become the anime character that I idolize. Should I act like the real one or maybe not?

No of course not,this story now belongs to me so I should act like my own self!

Maybe I'll start in seducing Kirito first,

No way that sounds like I'm to desperate.

Maybe I'll approach him like Asuna did.

Are you an idiot? Your Asuna!

I mean in the anime haha,but wait why are you answering me my other side of the brain?

Like duh,who do you want to answer when your talking to yourself stupid!

I'm not stupid duh! Tss why am I quarrelling with you anyway......

I walk towards Kirito and hugs him.

Ahh wait...


God epic fail huhuhu

I looks at Kirito and saw his shocked expression.

" it's not what you think, I...I just wanna thank you for watching me sleep that's all n-nothing else!" Im stuttering and my voice is so pitchy that means I'm in panic.

I backed off and looks at my feet,I feel my cheeks turned hot,I bet my life that my face is like  red as tomato now.

"No it's okay Asuna." I heard Kirito speaks with a pitchy tone like mine.
Wait is he nervous?

"Kirito-kun would you eat dinner with me? My treat" I shyly ask Kirito but still looking down on my feet.


We are in a Restaurant now,and for some unknown reasons,the two of us are the only one here.

Gosh this feels like a romantic date,Sheez I'm blushing just by the thought of it.

"Umm Kirito-kun have you been married before? I mean in this game?"
Stupid why did I ask that question of course he hasn't.

"Married? No! why?" He said as a matter of fact.

"Coz you see I've always thought that marriage is Romantic and pragmatic."

"Pragmatic what does it mean?"

"It means practical Kirito-kun." Seriously? He doesn't know what that word implies.


We both said each other names aloud

"What is it kirito-kun?" I asked him coz he looks like he wanted to say something.

"Oh it's nothing,how about you Asuna you wanna say something too right?" He asked back at me

"That's unfair Kirito-kun,I asked you first."

"But there's a certain rule you know,Ladies should always go first." He said as he grins towards me,I made a frown but he just laughs at me.

I give up,he's just way to adorable and handsome when he grins and laughs.

"Okay,I'm going to tell you already." Jeez I know this will be embarrassing, but I gathered my courage up,this is one in a lifetime opportunity to confess to your anime crush in real.

"Kirito-kun,I really like you ever since the minute I first laid my eyes on you,you were just way to cool and handsome. I simply adore how you swing your sword and how your eyes glitters in different emotions,I'm really fascinated by you Kirito-kun."

I did it! I confessed to my number one crush,the feeling that I feel Right now is so fulfilling. I never knew that this day would come,it's even impossible to confess on a Hollywood star what more if a character that doesn't even exist from the start. That old Lady really is something,I think she deserves a millions of thank you's from me.

I finch when I felt a soft lips covers mine,my eyes grew wider than the usual when I realized who kissed me.

"I feel the same way too Asuna."Kirito's hoarse voice fills my ear.
" I started to feel this a way back,the day that we eat together on the fountain after I formed a party with you. I even remember it clearly, how I think of you as a guy." I heard him laugh a little as he continues

"And in the first boss battle, you charged bravely at the  boss and your cloak got destroyed. I can't believe my eyes on how beautiful the girl I have partied with. I had loved you from the start Asuna."
I felt that a warm arm envelope my body and Kirito's lips brushed mine again.Then I feel that my body becomes heavier and my eyelids had closed.


I opened my eyes and I found out that I'm inside a dark room,the windows are tightly closed. I groaned when I feel a surging pain in my arm,I looked at myself and I found out I'm wearing a Kimono but it's covered with blood,my feet and hands are tied too. What the hell is going on? What anime am I now? Is this still SAO or not?

"The princess is awake now boss!"

Princess? Who are they calling that,wait is it me that they are addressing as such?

Don't tell me I'm captured by this  horrible looking goons?
My god looks like it is the case.

"Send pigeons to thier kingdom now,we'll be taking a bath on money if we use this girl!" And then the old guy laugh wickedly.

I don't know what to do coz this scene isn't familiar to me,but I guess being a tough princess won't be bad.

"My kingdom will never bow down to the likes of you,You baldy fat headed freak!"
Looks like I hit some nerve huh. I saw how His eyes flicker in anger as he heard what I said. Haha it suits him well anyway,he should be proud of it!

My mouth bleeds when the baldy freak slaps my face.

If only I'm free from this rope, I already knocked that baldy down. I'm a black belter and I rank 1st at a Samurai school in Japan.

Three hours had passed but there are still no sign of people who are going to bargain with this criminals. Their leader is frustrated now I can sense it,what a pity,this scoundrels are just way to idiotic I can't help but laugh.

Moments later I heard some commotions, people screaming, wall breaking, and explosions. What the heck? Did they send armies here? Just what kind of kingdom do I belong anyway?

A loud THUD! interrupted my thoughts

The leader of the bandits pulls me beside him and points a dagger at my neck. But that didn't bother me at all coz the guy that destroyed the door..........

Had a yellow hair,orange clothes and a Konoha badge on his forehead.

Wait don't tell me......

"I'am a shinobi from the Hidden leaf Village,UZUMAKI NARUTO,and my mission is to get that girl back!"

God confessing is really hard haha
I slapped myself a hundred times while writing that confession xD

Fan girl be like sweetie ;)

Domo arigato gozaimasu for reading my baka story haha

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