Chapter 2: Kevin

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The morning sun broke the crest of the horizon, while the streaking glow from the sun flew across the settled sea and embraced the tanker in a warm glow. A tired Kevin was still placed at his laptop still working away as he had burned the night away with still no sign of Miles. Losing track of time Kevin was surprised when a well rested Jared entered from the small kitchen area with two cups of coffee.

Putting one of the cups in front of Kevin, Jared held on to the other as he reclaimed the seat he had taken the night before across from Kevin. The two men sat in silence, while the only sound that filled the gathering space other then the waves crashing outside was the rapid clicking on Kevin's keyboard. A low white noised hum filled the room as the intercom came to life.

"We'll be at the shore in ten minutes boys, make sure you're ready to depart when we get there."

The low hum fades as quickly as it arrives as the demands Miles had made lingered in the room.

"You heard the captain."

Jared in response to his brother, put his coffee cup down on the table. Kevin looked up and could clearly see an annoyed look on Jared's face, which usually meant he was contemplating how much he hated his brother being the captain of the ship and how much it negatively affected his ego.

"Already done, packed up a few hours ago."

"Good on ya kid."

Jared remarked at the young kids persistence to keep up with him and Miles. Watching as the boy feverishly finished up the document he had been working on, Jared himself threw some basic supplies into a duffel bag.

They both managed to finish up as much stuff as they could, the roar of the engine began to fall quiet as the massive ship found a place to dock off the edge of the island. Finally as it came to a stop, not even a minute later footsteps were heard walking across the upper deck and then the metallic stairs until Miles appeared at the cabins entrance.

"Well? What're you waiting for boys, we don't got time to waste."

Miles's cocky egotistical attitude was at full flame as he grabbed an oversized backpack and threw it over his shoulder and headed back up to the main deck, not even giving the boys a second glance.

Jack looks at Kevin with an emotionless gaze before brushing past him to follow his brother. The awkward tension was weighing the boat down, as Kevin could feel it. He was just someone looking in on the brother's relationship and even he knew that there was some arrogance in both of them. However he was just the intern and had next to no merit in saying anything, so like the others he grabbed his laptop and placed it in his backpack and headed off to join them, regrouping with them on the dock.

"So where are we going first?"

Miles just threw the question out there as he stared at the mountainous landscape in front of him.

"Personally I think we should head to that old archaeologists house and see what he knows."

"Already ahead of you Kev, I called the man this morning and he's already expecting us."

Kevin's attempt at helping them, was again thwarted by one of the brothers. That's how it always seemed to end. Miles would lead with an open ended question, followed by Jared having the best answer no matter what Kevin said before hand. Getting that acknowledging nod from Miles was always something Kevin wanted but was always given to Jared.

"Good to finally see some hard work out of you Jared."

The words were like daggers to Kevin, as he watched Miles turn around not even giving Kevin the time of day and began to head to the mountainous terrain that started at the end of the small harbour town, Jared followed closely behind with a smirk on his face like he had gotten some gratification from out doing Kevin. Now with nothing left for him to do, Kevin simply sighed feeling ignored once more and took up the tail end of the group not saying a word to the others. 

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