Chapter 2: Tricks

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Chapter 2: Tricks

Same day, 9:00 am

    Clary and I stared at Alec in shock.

    "Did you just run here from the Clave building?" I asked and stared at him in a disbelieving way. He nodded,

    "Can you toss me a water bottle?" He gasped. I nodded and tossed him one that was sitting on the counter behind me. "Tell everyone else to get ready and get to the Clave building as soon as possible." Alec said and with that he ran out back door back to the Clave building.

    "You get Izzy, I'll get Jace and Maryse." Clary said and went upstairs to wake Jace. I set down my coffee cup and went up to mine and Isabelle's room quickly. I walked in and knocked on the bathroom

    "Yes?" her voice was muffled by the door.

    "We need to get to the Clave hall as soon as possible. Alec thinks he Magnus and your dad found out where Valentine and Sebastian are." I said.

    "Oh, I'll be right down." Izzy said in a rush. I decided to lay down on the bed and wait for her. "Simon? Are you still there?" She asked a couple minutes later.

    "Yes." I said.

    "Can you please come here?" She asked quietly. I walked to the door. "You can come in you ding dong." She giggled. I opened the door and stepped in, Izzy had a black tank top on and some skinny jeans. Her wet hair fell loosely down her shoulders and back. She held something in her hands I just couldn't tell what. She set it on the counter and jumped into my arms.

    "Whoa! what's all this about?" I chuckled and held her against my chest. She looked up at me happily,

    "I'm pregnant!" She said. I pressed my lips to hers joyfully.

    "Baby that's wonderful!" I exclaimed when we drew away, I kissed her forehead softly and brushed her hair out of her face. She giggled.

    "I love you." She murmured.

    "I love you too." I said and hugged her gently. We both jumped when there was a sharp bang on the door.

    "I don't care what you guys are doing but we have to go." Jace said irratatedly.

    "Sorry Mr. Grumpy pants I didn't know talking was a crime." Izzy grumbled.

    "Right, talking." he snorted. I opened the door and walked out.

    "Yes, we were talking." I said with a glare Izzy came out behind me and glared at Jace too. Jace narrowed his eyes and left our room, we followed him to the kitchen. Maryse and Clary were waiting for us at the front door.

    "You're not going out there with your hair wet, right?" Maryse asked Izzy with a disapproving look.

    "My hair drys fast and straight so yes. It's not even that wet." Izzy shrugged. Maryse mumbled something unintelligible and opened the door. We walked to the Clave hall in almost complete silence. Jace and Clary mumbled quietly to each other and the birds chirped. The air was cool but the sun was warm on my face. We soon made it to the Clave hall and we found Robert, Alec and Magnus talking in a huddle. Jocelyn and Luke entered the building a few minuets after us.

    "Alec said you guys might of found Valentine and Sebastian's where abouts" Maryse said to her husband.

    "Yes, they are somewhere outside of Germany. They aren't too far from the north boarder of Idris." Robert said. I let out a sigh of relief, at least that was easy to get to.

    "When will we leave?" I asked.

    "Tonight." Robert said. "Clary, Izzy, Maryse and Jocelyn. You four will stay here. No arguing Isabelle." Robert said. Izzy looked like she was going to protest despite what he said but she didn't. Maryse glared slightly but didn't say anything.    "Jace, Magnus, Austin, Simon, Luke, Alec and I will be going." Robert continued.

    "My dad's here?" I questioned.

    "No but he will be in a hour. We will leave promptly at ten o'clock tonight." Robert said addressing us men.

    "Robert. It may not be the best idea to bring me along. Valentine still loves Jocelyn. That never changed, but we're married now. I'm sure he's gotten word of that by now. If he sees me he'll kill me. You know he tried to kill me before, he will do it again." Luke reasoned.

    "Your right Lucian, you will stay here and We'll have Simon's brother fill your place." Robert said. I groaned, great just what I need. My motor mouth, dorky brother coming along.

    "Is something wrong Simon?" Robert asked directing his blue gaze to me.

    "No sir." I mumbled.


12 hours later (9:00 pm)

    "Simon-" Izzy started but I cut her off with a kiss. She twined her fingers in my hair and I put my arms around her waist.

    "Baby, I'll be ok. I promise." I said when we broke away.

    "You better be." She growled and attacked my lips with hers again.

    "I still have a hour till I have to go." I mumbled against her lips.

    "I don't think so Mr, remember who just found out she's pregnant?" Izzy laughed.

    "Damn, there go my before battle plans." I chuckled.

    "You naughty boy." Izzy said and bit my lip gently. I rubbed her back gently and sat down on the bed and patted my lap. Isabelle crawled onto my lap and rested her head on my shoulder.

    " I wish you didn't have to go." She pouted.

    "I doubt we'll be gone long." I said.

    "You promise?"

    "I promise." I said and kissed her nose.

    "Simon! Get ready! We are leaving early!" Jace yelled.

    "Shit" I muttered. Izzy sighed and got off my lap.

    "I'm gonna check on Hunter." With that she left our room so I could get dressed. I quickly dressed in the leather fighting gear and I slid all the weapons that Izzy had stored under the bed into my weapon belt and everywhere else on me. I walked out of our room and walked to Hunters. I knocked on the door.

    "Izzy I have to leave now." She immediately opened the door and threw her arms around me.

    "Promise me you won't get hurt one more time."

    "I promise." I said softly in her hair.

    "Good." She said and looked into my eyes, tears shined in them.

    "I promise I will be back." I said more confidently and kissed her lovingly. "Don't worry."


"Do you think the diversion worked?" Sebastian asked his father.

    "Yes. They think we are at the north boarder." Valentine laughed.

    "Wonderful." Sebastian smiled. "Just wonderful."

    "The trap is set correct?" Valentine asked.

    "Yes, they will be in for a big surprise. I doubt any of them will live." Sebastian smirked. Valentine chuckled darkly and his son joined in.

    "The Clave will end soon and we will take over." Valentine smiled a diabolical smile. His son grinned at the thought as well.

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