Their Dance (TomTord)

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(Inspired by the song: Love On The Brain-Rihanna)

World Pov

They've been dating for about a month now. At first, they were kinda shy, acting like middle schoolers. Then it started to pick up. They flirted with each other a lot more, kissed each others cheeks, cuddles, stuff like that. They even slept in the same bed a couple times.

The two only really kissed once.

Toms Pov

Where's my commie?

It's Saturday, and I can't find him anywhere. When I woke up, it's like he disappeared. We slept with each other last night. Not like that. Just slept. If he needed to go anywhere, he'd say goodbye to me first.

I'm not mad at him. Just a little frustrated.

And worried.


It's a little past twelve, and I just had my lunch. Right now, I'm cleaning up the dishes. This is normally Edds thing, but I volunteered to do it. Since I don't really have an idea of what to do.

The lock on the front door clicked, hearing someone walk in. Also the sound a plastic bags. Immediately, I shut off the water and dried my hands off with a cloth. Rushing towards the main room.

I know it's him.

Tom:"Tord!" He saw me, gently placing the bags on the ground. Then look back up at me with a smile. I jumped into his arms. Then, my face fell a bit. "Where were you? I haven't seen you all morning. Dam Commie, you had me worried!" Tord chuckled in response, then answered for real.

Tord:"I just had to get a few things from the store. There was also a car accident on the main road, that's why I couldn't get back sooner."


Tord:"I know it seems far fetched-"

Tom:"You didn't even say goodbye."

Tords stomach sunk from the gilt. You could also tell from his face that he's sorry. Kind of looking petrified.

Tord:"I..I didn't realize. I'm sorry..."

He gave me a kiss on the cheek, hugging me again afterwards.

Tord:"I'll make it up to you. I promise."

From past experiences, when Tord makes a promise, he usually keeps it. So I felt a little better once he said that.

-Timeskip to night-

We hung out a little after he came back. Now it's night time, and I haven't seen him since then. I just hung around Matt and Edd, being the third wheel. I haven't been the third wheel since, the giant robot thing. We don't like to talk about that too much...

We were currently watching a movie. Edd had his coke and Matt couldn't stop laughing. Eventually, Matt laughed so hard that he made Edd spill his drink on me.

Tom:"Crap." Matt immediately stopped laughing. Then he kept apologizing. Edd told me I should change my hoodie while he cleans up the rest of the mess.

So I did. I got up and started to head for my room. Once I walked in, I noticed Tord was on my bed.

Tord:"Hey, babe." I went to my dresser without making eye contact.

Tom:"What were you doing all day?" Tord reacted nervously.

Tord:"Well, I-uhhh.." I just took my hoodie off. Is that why he's at a loss of words? And drooling?

Tom:"You seriously never saw me without a top on?"

He just shook his head no.

I pulled a clean, blue hoodie over my head. Tord shook out of it.

Tord:"I uh, have something to show you." He stood up, and left my room. I heard his bedroom door shut.

I guess he wants me to follow. When I walked in, my face flushed red.

The lights were off, and candles littered the dressers and nightstands. So the room had a dim red-orange light. Tord stood in the center, in front of his bed. He had a small smile. I could tell this is his apology.

Tom:"Hahah...what's all this?.." The smile is glued to my face. Did he really do all of this for me?

Tord:"Yeah...I was planning this. I thought I could do something special for you," He also had a tint of pink across his cheeks. "And....I'm sorry about today.." I walked closer to him, and held his hands.

Tom:"I forgive you..." his smile grew at this. Tord pulled out his phone and played a song.

He planned a dance for us? :)

I smiled in response, placing my left hand on his shoulder and held up my other hand, thats already intertwined with his. He placed his free hand on my hip.

We began to waltz. I followed his foot steps, which isn't in sync with the music. We starred into each others eyes, enjoying our time together.

He gave me a little twirl, which I slightly laughed at. His smile grew.

We continued to dance till the music stopped. I moved even closer to him, he leaned down and our lips connected.

It was slow, and sweet just like our dance. He held my jaw to deepen the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck. We didn't use a lot of tongue, that's more passionate than what we're going for. We pulled away to breathe. I rested my forehead against his, staring into each others eyes.

Tom:"I love you..."

Tord:"I love you too, Jehovah..."

World Pov

Matt and Edd kept snickering behind Tords door.

Edd:*whispering* "Did they really think we can't hear the music from the living room?" Matt fell over in response. He snorted trying to keep his laughs quiet. Matt began to tear up because his stomach is starting to hurt. Though, he managed to say a few words.

Matt:"-I ship it.."

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