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JinYounger: Jackson r u in the plane?

JinYounger: u al ritE?

Rice Roll: yea

Marking; jacksON!

Marking: I didn't get a chance to say goodbye or hug u or kiss u!

Rice Roll: its ok baby I'm coming in a week

Marking; no it's not ok! What if u don't come back? What if the plane crushes? What if there's a hurricane? A tsunami?! What if u die?!

JinYounger: mark calm down

JaeDaddy: lol this guy is going crazy

BoomBoom: R.I.P. Jackson Wang- 1994/2017. He shall b missed.

LilJae: mark!! Don't think like that! Positive!!!

GoldenFetus: wat happened


BoomBoom: -_______________-

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BoomBoom: -_______________-

LilJae: it's a whale!!

JaeDaddy: sigh

BoomBoom: hey youngjae! Have u seen the vid of the two puppies?

LilJae: nopidopy

BoomBoom: here the link!


LilJae: thanks bam!!

JaeDaddy: youngjAE NO

JinYounger: kunpimook u son of an ass

GoldenFetus: rip Choi YoungJae- 1996/2017. He'll b providing us some light form up there.

LilJae: what is a blowjob?

JaeDaddy: eh...

LilJae: can u give me a blowjob?

JaeDaddy kicked LilJae out!

JaeDaddy left the chat!

Rice Roll: im so exited 2 c my mom fam :)

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