unwanted {Pikase Angst}

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All I'm saying is this is a vent story where Piko is me. Have a nice day.

Inb4 people get triggered by the lack of an Oxford comma.

Piko lay face down on his bed crying. He couldn't believe what was happening to him.

This is all for attention, isn't it?

Bitch, you're just an attention whore. Just crying to get noticed.

Do you even have depression?

Maybe they were right. Why would he have even told his friends about wanting to kill himself if it wasn't for attention? But it wasn't something he was lying about, as he had documentation about his depression and was on antidepressants. But maybe it was good for them to choose to stop talking to him. He didn't deserve their attention. In their eyes, he only cared for himself. He wanted to be in the center. He wanted them to say "we really care", "don't hurt yourself" and "we love you". And, to be honest, it was half true. Why did he deserve friends?

Suddenly, a ding went off. Piko reluctantly picked up his phone and looked at the message. It was from Fukase.

Fukase: Hey. I heard about what happened today. I'm so sorry for not being there for you.

Piko typed his reply.

Piko: Why should you be sorry? It was good that you weren't there. I don't deserve to have you as a friend. All of that depression shit was for attention anyway.

Fukase: Piko, I know you. It wasn't for attention. It was your true feelings. I don't care if Oliver, Len and Flower thought you did it for attention. I know that you were just trying to express your feelings. Maybe you just didn't word it right.

Piko: If it wasn't for attention, why would I even tell anyone? Or say anything?

Fukase: Because you needed someone to talk to. It's ok to tell people that you feel upset.

Piko: It doesn't help that I get upset for the dumbest reasons tho. All Len did was try to make a joke and then I go cry about it for 30 mins.

Fukase: If that's the way you took it, that's you. It's not wrong. Did you tell Len that it upset you?

Piko: Ya. Then they said that I was guilt tripping them.

Fukase: That's bullshit. If something upsets you, you should tell that person. I would love you to tell me if I upset you. Jesus I'm about to unfriend those assholes.

Piko: They're not assholes. They're right. If you're gonna unfriend anyone, you should unfriend me.

Fukase: Piko, I can't unfriend you because I love you. As in, I have a crush on you and I don't want anything to happen to you. I could never hate you.

This took Piko by surprise. How could someone have a crush on him? This depressed, dumb loser that was Utatane Piko. How was that possible?

Piko: Why me tho? Why me when there are so many other people out there who are less depressing to be around? Try Miku. She's always perky and cheerful.

Fukase: I don't wanna date Miku! I love you! You're so kinda, sweet and cute! I couldn't choose any guy or girl over you.

There was no reply for a good minute or so. Then, Fukase wrote a message again.

Fukase: You're also the most deserving of attention. Miku has everyone crowding around her and saying how much they like her. You get none of that. And as someone with depression, you need someone to show that they care about you. To show that you are not unwanted. Let me be that person, Piko. I will love you no matter what.

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