Chapter 7: The Parents

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"Please, Audrey?" Darian pleaded, giving me a puppy dog pout - something I learned he's very good at.

Samara was looking between the two of us, arching a brow.

The three of us were sitting at the kitchen table, writing our papers for the other class we all have together, Introduction to Classic Literature. However, the whole time we have been doing so, Darian has been trying to convince me to go to a party his ex boyfriend, Justin, is throwing.

I looked at Samara, hoping she would help me with an excuse, she held her hands up in surrender, "Don't turn to me, sweetie, 'cause I'm going to the party."

I narrowed my eyes, "You suck."

"And swallow," she winked, continuing on with her work.

"Gross," I groaned, holding back an eye roll. I shifted in my seat, "Why are you even going to a party your ex is throwing anyways?"

"Well, we are working it out," Darian said quietly, looking slightly upset, "I also wanted him to meet the two of you."

I softened, feeling guilty that I was so resistant on attending, "Alright, I'll go."

Darian gave Samara a high five, "Told you the guilt-trip would work."

"You guys suck," I mumbled as I continued to write my paper.

"And swallow," Darian winked, just like Samara said only moments before.

After a few minutes, we lapsed into a comfortable silence. The sun was starting to set and the smell of the crisp cold air lingered in the apartment, due to the balcony door being left slightly ajar.

Samara left for the bathroom, reapplying her makeup and changing into some of my clothes for the party. Meanwhile, Darian was taking abnormally long time in the shower, leaving me alone in the living room, watching Grey's Anatomy.

As I hear Meredith's voice echo from the television, my phone rings. I pause my show and scrunch my eyebrows in confusion as I answer the call, "Hey Alex, what's wrong?"

"Why does there have to be anything wrong for me to call my sister?" Alex's voice snapped over the phone.

I rolled my eyes, leaning back on the couch, "Well, ever since mom and dad died you went completely off the map."

"Correction," my sister said quickly, "I've been all over the map. I am currently sitting in a nice Starbucks in New York."

"Lovely," I responded dryly.

"Lighten up, Audrey," Alex groaned, I heard her take a sip of whatever she was drinking, "Not everyone can handle sitting in a classroom everyday learning about boring things."

I unpaused the show, turning down the volume and turned on the subtitles so I could continue watching, "Well, you're technically a teacher. Don't you teach yoga?"

"Ugh, sis," I could hear my sister's eye roll, "Yoga is not your traditional classroom setting and it is certainly not boring."

"To me it is," I sighed, remembering when my sister tried to teach me yoga and I fell asleep during child's pose.

A small pause, "Anyways, I was just checking in. I can't stay on the phone long, the long distance fees are friggin expensive. How's school? Did you dump your boring boyfriend yet? You should probably go for someone more exciting, in my opinion."

"School is good," I began, licking my suddenly dry lips, "And no, I have not dumped Noah. Nor am I going to."

"Boring," Alex sing songed, "Well, I am glad school is good, although, I stand by getting a new boyfriend. You're too pretty to have a shitty boyfriend."

I was about to respond when the line went dead, mumbling in frustration I said, "What the actual hell?"

Darian finally finished his shower and was putting on his shirt when he walked into the living room and asked, "Who were you talking to?"

"My sister," I responded flatly, turning up the show so I didn't have to use subtitles anymore.

Samara walked in, wearing my black dress and pumps, "The yoga instructor?"

"Yep," I groaned, "Basically was checking in, she currently is in New York."

My friend shook her head, her newly straightened hair swinging back and forth, "Man, how did you guys get so much money? She is traveling the world and you're paying for your school and an apartment - without a job."

"Well," I looked between my two friends, who both looked deeply intrigued, "My father was a really respected lawyer, he could make the most guilty of people look as innocent as a peach. My mother on the other hand, was neurosurgeon."

"Like McDreamy?" Samara squealed, clapping her hands like a little girl.

I nodded my head, "Yep, like McDreamy."

"What happened to them?" Darian asked, sitting beside me, his expression more serious.

I paused, trying to figure out the best way to say it, "On my parent's wedding anniversary, they decided to go out for dinner. They barely got days off and it was a miracle that they had one, let alone on their anniversary," I shut off the T.V, "Anyways, my mom got a page from the hospital towards the end of dinner. Both my parents hurried out of the restaurant, my dad was driving when a teenager ran a red light, hitting my parents head on. The guy wasn't even drunk, he and his friends were playing truth or dare and he was dared to run a red light. My parents had a lot of money tucked away, so did my grandparents. That's how my sister and I are able to do what we want without a job."

Darian and Samara both were looking at the floor, unsure what to say, "It's okay guys. I've made my peace with it. The kid is in jail, my parents are at peace, my sister is travelling the world, and I'm right where I want to be."

My friends looked unconvinced, but they let the subject drop.

After a few minutes of an uneasy silence, Samara clapped her hands, "Well, time to get you ready for this party."

I exchanged a glance with Darian, then glanced down to see my ripped black skinny jeans and red hoddie, "I thought I looked fine in what I'm wearing."

This time, Darian exchanged a challenging glance at Samara, "I think we can find something a little bit more fun."

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