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ALEX WAS NEVER FOND of her own father or her older brother Billy

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ALEX WAS NEVER FOND of her own father or her older brother Billy.

Her father would lash out on Billy and Billy would either take it out on her or her stepsister Max.

Max and Alex were around the same age and they both adored each other and love each other like they were blood sister.

She remembered the day she moved in with Max, and it was one hell of a ride.

Alex stood inside her new bedroom in sunny California when she heard a knock on the door.

"Feeling at home yet?" Max asked.

Alex sent her a smile and she slightly nodded.

Max looked over the room and picked up one of the cds on the floor.

"What's zero sixteen?"

Alex didn't bother turning around, she didn't know how to answer the question.

Max looked around and saw a cassette tape with the numbers zero and eleven on it.

"What's zero eleven? Is this some cool band I've never heard of?"

Alex took the cassette out of her hands and tried walking away.

"Cool! You have a tattoo! My mom would kill me if I ever got one."

Alex jerked her arm away and went back to the boxes.

"Hey you have the same number on the cassette. Zero sixteen."

Alex stayed silent as she continued taking things out the box.

"Does Billy have one? I should ask."


Max kept walking towards the door anyway.

Before she could leave the door shut. Without her touching it.

Max turned back and looked Alex straight in the eyes.

Max noticed how Alex's nose started to bleed.

"How'd you do that? Does Billy know?"

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