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We pulled up to the kickback on 71st it was some girl named Shae.Told yall I was going.Kentrell was mad.I don't care.Still Came.

I hopped out and heard the music playing making me nod my head to the beat.

"I'm from the west we don't go to kick backs nigga my gun big but it don't got a kickback nigga" I laughed that's funny cuz I'm at a kickback now.

"Shut Up Cuz Yo ass at one now"KD mushed my head.

"Don't start" I punched him in back making him hiss.

Kentrell walked behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. "Don't be acting grown tonight or imma give u some act right" he whispered in my ear making me laugh.

"What yall Two nigglets over there whispering about"

"Boomer Shut Up And Go find a life" I flicked him off.

"You heard what I said" Kentrell warned me as I walked off with miyah And Esha.

"Swear He Somebody Daddy" I mumbled.

"YOUNGBOY IN THE HOUSEE!" The Dj Yelled pausing the music.

Everybody screaming running to him recording and taking pictures.

"That's weird Cuz we be around him everyday so it's normal to us" Miyah Said making me nod my head.

"Who Got The Gas"I heard Ben yell. I looked around and snuck out my honey backwood and rolled up.

"Since when You smoke" Esha Asked.

"Girl Since forever I just haven't been smoking lately" I lied. and took a puff.i started coughing harder than a bitch.

I felt somebody beating on my back hard a hell I turned seeing KD making me push him off me.

"You bout to kill me" I Yelled and coughed over the music.

"I thought you been smoking" Esha bussed out laughing.

"Fuck that I asked who had the smokes and you ain't say nothing" ben walked up.

"Nigga Cuz you be smoking up the whole blunt and not passing it.

"Shut Up" He mushed my Head and snatched the blunt taking a puff


3 blunts and 4 cups later...

"Aye esha Where My Phone Bruh" I Yelled

"Try To Call It"She shrugged.

I picked up my phone trying to call my phone.

"It won't work bruh" I stomped getting mad.

"Aye look I can fly" Esha smiled doing jumping jacks"I'm going up" She Asked.

I bussed out laughing. "Yo we fucked up" i tried to keep my eyes open.

"The fuck yall doing over here" Ben came over wrapping his arm around me.

"Shit,flying and looking for my phone"I shrugged as he started laughing.

"Your phone right here smart one" he lifted up my hand and showed me my phone.

"Ohhhhhh" I smiled looking up at him.he just shook his head.

"Where Kentrell" I asked looking around.

"In the V.I.P section, come on" we walked off with Esha And Miyah Following.

We made it to the V.I.P section and I saw gang sitting around.

"Yall fucked UP!"Kd Yelled with his fist over his mouth.

I shrugged "Yeah my name g herbo I like nasty bitches I like classy bitches" I sung and started shaking my ass with my tongue out.

"Getcho ass" Kentrell snatched me up onto the couch.

"Boyy! I was dancing" I crossed my arms with a mug on my face.

"Nobody give a fuck if u mad"he shrugged as he smoked the blunt.

" I think you getting blacker" Esha gasped staring at boomer as he sucked his teeth.

"Somebody get this girl fa I hurt her" he shook his head.

Miyah gasped jumping up "A ROACH!" She screamed shaking around.

I jumped up on Kentrell "WHERE!" I looked around frantically.

"Fuck is you talm bout" Ben scrunched his face up.

"Look it" She pointed at KD as he straight faced her.

"Shit no" Ben bussed out laughing everybody was laughing even Montana with his Wanna Be young ass.

"Yea that's it we out" Montana stood up.

"Wait nooo I'm having fun" I pouted.

"Too Much fun" Jiggalo Shook His Head.

"Shut Up anteater" I snapped back making Ben,boomer and Joe buss out laughing as he just sat there mugging me.

I looked to my left seeing KD staring at me with a mug too.

I bucked at him."YB pleaseee Give this girl some act right because I Done beat her ass a few times and it still ain't work" Kd Shook His Head.

"Shut Up KD Somebody need to give you something to make them ears smaller and that head shorter" I Said and walked off to the car.

"Who you texting that got you all in your phone like that" I mushed Kentrell Head.

"Nobody mane" he turned his phone off.

I pushed my lips together "mmmmhmm".

The whole car ride I just sat and planned out everything I needed to do before we went on this Texas/Cali trip.

We pulled up to the house.I jumped out the car and hit the ground.

All of them started laughing at me as I just sat there.Kentrell helped me up.

"You ight"He asked

I pushed him off going in the house. I just went to my room and fell right asleep.


Short Chapter🤧

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