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The sound was similar to a war song, that was the mood the masked drummer was going for as they were being assessed by their peers, they managed to finish strong, the last strike echoes throughout the gym. The class claps out of respect before the bell dismisses them, as they all leave to go home (as it was the last class of the day), "Akira" the teacher says, the masked drummer named Akira looks at him, their eyes seem bored or tired but the mask gave them a sickly demonic grin "Good job, you did pretty good" the teacher says "Thank you Mr. Ladd" Akira says bowing their head slightly, their voice was rough sounding and it was hard to distinguish the sex of Akira as it was a neutral pitch, not high and not low. Mr. Ladd nods "Keep up the work young man" he says before dismissing the masked teen, Akira slings on their backpack and speed-walks briskly to their destination at the bus stop, which was isolated, Akira let out a sigh of relief before reaching up to take off their mask.

"No notes for today, come on girl you can do better" Akira said to herself as she massaged her face, she stretched upwards causing her to hear 5 loud popping sounds in her spine before she looked at her phone, 3 text messages from her uncle, she quickly reads them all as she steps on to the bus, and sends a short reply as she sits down. She puts in her earphones and begins to listen to taiko drumming as the bus drove it's route.

Akira noted how quickly and briskly she walks as she walked home from the bus stop, she remembered how much her thighs used to burn from walking half a mile to get to the nearest bus stop, and now she's used to it, if she wanted to she could run back and forth 20 times without getting tired. She reached her home which was out of the ordinary for most, because 1. It was off the grid and 2. It was floating on water, well sort of, it was half on land and half in water almost like a massive pier, except it was only 4 acres with half of it being dedicated to gardening, an acre dedicated to a open space for drumming practice, and the other acre actually being dedicated to being a home to live in, the whole property was painted green and decorated with antlers or spikes, with a light house in the center which emits a bright yellow light when switched on. The walls were painted with intricate designs of creatures from Chinese and Japanese mythology such as dragons, and the four celestial beast, along with symbols and characters for prosperity and safety.

She enters her home, taking off her shoes as she dropped her backpack and she jumps onto a nearby couch, Akira was exhausted beyond belief, she yawns decided to take a nap, she rubs her tired eyes before falling asleep. Dreams tend to be a strange experience for most, Akira was no exception, it started with Akira having a swollen abdomen as if she was pregnant, a pair of cuffed hands begin to rub her abdomen and when she turned her head, it was her mother, just as she was when she died, with a gaping wound on her temple, her prison jumpsuit was dripping wet and had blood stains. In a blink of an eye, the scene transitioned, Akira was in a excruciating amount of pain and suddenly she was holding a infant, the infant smiles at her, her uncle is in front of her and he gently grabs the baby, rocking the baby which causes the baby to cry, she looks at the baby and sees the little hairs on the baby go from black to white in a matter of seconds, shock ran through her body at the sight of this, and suddenly she hears her name being called.

"Akira!" Her eyes snap open, to reveal that she is face to face with her uncle, who looked really concerned, "Geez are you okay? I return home from my late shift and all that I see is you sweating and squirming" he says, she looks at him carefully, he was still in his office uniform, slacks, tie and dress shirt, his black hair was disheveled and his brown eyes appeared highly concerned for her well-being. "Yeah just had a weird dream" Akira said finally as she gets up, "Are you sure?" She nods rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she nods before her uncle went off to change "Sora" Akira said, her voice still groggy from sleep, "Hm?" Was the only reply she got "What do you wanna eat for dinner?" She asked as she stands up slowly so that she doesn't get a head rush "Gyoza?" Sora suggested Akira shuffles over to their fridge and begins to rummage through, trying to find the pre-made gyoza that was made a couple nights ago. Akira squints a little before finding the container that held their dinner, she pulls them out and counts how many are there, "There's 30 pieces left" Akira announced, Sora comes out from the bedroom "That's fine" he says, Akira places a pan on the stove and turns it on, she pours a little oil before placing the gyoza.

Akira felt Sora hug her from behind "Do you want to tell me what your dream was about?" Sora asked her gently, Akira checks the bottom of the gyoza for that medium brown color, before slowly pouring a little cold water, and placing the lid on, "I was dancing with my dad and then suddenly I was falling" Akira lied, she didn't want to worry her uncle with what really happened. "Your father is something else" Sora stated as he reached over to lower the heat, "but when I landed I was in my mom's arms" she added to make it more realistic, Sora stays silent before leaning down to kiss her on the cheek, "It's okay" he assures her, even though there were no signs of distress, "It's all in the past" he adds as he turns off the stove, Sora kisses Akira on the cheek again "Let's eat" he picks up the pan and sets it on the table. The two sit down and began to eat their meal in silence, neither one spilling whatever is on their minds.

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