Ace's P.O.V. 35

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"Kade, baby, get up we're going to be late for our fitting" I call him for the hundredth time this morning.

"5 more minutes."

"No, Kade." I pull his leg and he laughs.


"Fine" He throws the covers off of him and I notice he has a shirt on; one he wasn't wearing last night.

"When did you put that on?" I ask reading what it said.

"When did you put that on?" I ask reading what it said

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"Middle of the night. I was freezing." he says rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"I like what it says. Really describes you right now." He looks down reading it and nods. I laugh and pull him towards me pecking his lips.

"Yup" he says once we pull apart.

"Now, go get ready." I slap his butt on his way away from me making him flip the middle finger at me and make me laugh.

We were now at our fitting and I decided to let Kade try a tuxedo first. I had a dressing room for myself, but I rather see him first and then change myself.

"Bow or tie?" Kade asks.


"How do I look?" Kade says coming out of the curtains.

"Stunning, babe." My throat closes up staring at him, tears wanting to make an appearance but I blink them away; they can wait until our wedding. I can't believe I am going to marry this man in just a couple weeks.

"Do I? I don't know. Do you really think this is the right tux?" He asks checking himself out in the mirror. 

"You look beautiful, Kade. That matte tux doesn't do justice to that face and heart of yours. It suits you, baby, you should totally take it. if you want it."

"What are you wearing?" he asks turning around his arms around my neck.

"You'll see." I say placing a chaste kiss on his lips and going into the curtains next to his. Couple minutes later I come out and find Kade on his phone laughing.

"Ace, Mason is on his way over here." Kade says looking up to catch my eyes.

"Wow" I chuckle and look at myself in the mirror.


"So, all white?"

"Yeah, I was going to pick black, but then you called it, so I decided all white. Unless you want to change?" I ask him looking at him in the mirror. I see him checking my butt out and he shakes his head.

"Uh, I don't know I like it. I mean, do you still want it?" He stands beside me and I like, no I love what I see.

"Let's switch and see how we look in the other color okay?" he nods.

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