08. where davina saves calum

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The rest of their time eating was pretty basic and they drove home in separate cars. The 5SOS car obviously rocking out to Blink, ATL, etc.

They finally got to Bella's house and unloaded into the big property.

"Bella where's your toilet? I have to pour like a fountain!" Ashton asked doing a little pee dance.

"It's just up the stairs, to the right, and at the end of the hallway on your left or right side!" Bella smiled.

"You have two? Great! I have to go as well." Tyler followed Ashton up the stairs.

"You guys could've gone before we left Raising Cane's." Luke took a sip of his iced tea and shook his head.

"Good evening, Ms. Lottera, Mr. Lorendes, thank you for understanding why I needed time off these past two days." The butler/security/cook/nanny(He's pretty much a mom) came from the opposite side of the hallway that the boys went to, from his bedroom, he went downstairs to greet them.

"It was no problem, glad to have you back Ed-Man." Bella smiled and did a fist bump and explosion with him. He was only about 32 years old and incredibly fit.  He was British and brown haired with green eyes.

"Is there anything I can do for you guys?"

"Our luggage is in the guest room on the king bed. Edward would you mind taking it to Mrs. Lottera's extra tour bus. Unfortunately we're leaving tomorrow so you'll have the house to yourself." Diego was very stern with him because they had argued various times and almost fought a couple times.

"Yes I know, I'm going with you lot. Who do you think is driving the thing." Edward smiled as Diego opened his mouth to say something but Edward interrupted him. "But I'll tend to your request immediately sir."

Edward went towards the guest room which was opposite to his room.

"Your house looks smaller from the outside." Luke said while resting his arm on Bella's shoulder.

"Do you guys wanna stay in the guest room? I would offer the guest house but the WithCon boys are staying in there." Bella bit her lip, she was trying not to ramble.

"Is there room for us? I mean we wouldn't want to intrude but an actual home-y bed to sleep in would be a nice change." Calum said scratching the back of his head nervously.

"Yeah the guest room has a king size bed and bunk beds."

Edward came back from leaving the luggage in that moment.

"Edward would you mind leading Luke to the guest room, so at least he knows where it is?"

"No problem, Ms Lottera."

"OoOo ME AND CALUM CALL KING BED!" Luke said running up the stairs and then waiting for Edward to make it up as well.

"You guys seem like you would like sleeping together." Davina said as she finally came through the front door.

"Shut up, Dave." Calum said.

"Excuse me, outsider, I don't recall allowing you to call me that." Davina snapped at Calum almost breaking her neck to prove her point (and she put her hand on her hip and put her hand in the 'the fuck'motion) but Calum didn't notice that.

"Shut up, Dave, don't act like you care." Bella smacked her best friends shoulder and rolled her eyes. Calum smiled at the little girl defending him.

"Where's your room? Let me guess, it's purple!" he closed one eye and stuck his tongue out a little bit as he guessed.

"Actuaallyyy, it's blue look." Bella grabbed his hand which was much larger than hers and led Cal to her room which was through the hallway under the stairs, there was a mini living room outside and then Diego's room across from her room. She pulled him in her room and closed the door.

"This looks like my nieces room." Calum smiled, "Shes 3."

"Shut up. I just have stuffies, posters, string lights, white furniture, and white bedsheets with pink flowers, it was worse when I was little. Now I have a make up table."

Bella plopped onto her stomach and her skirt blew up, showing her blue cotton underwear.

"Oh fuck," Calum murmured under his breath, "Little girl please be careful doing that."

He pulled her skirt back down and sat next to her as she quickly sat up. Her cheeks were red.

"Sorry, Da-, sorry, Cal."

"What were you gonna call me?" Calum raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Nothin! well it was- actually no- ugh! it's just a habit." Bella hid her face in his shoulder.

"What's a habit, pretty girl?" Calum lifted her face with two fingers to her chin.

"Well, I was gonna say daddy, but only because you were acting nice and taking care of me, like Diego does, I don't call him that anymore though cause he says it's not normal. But it slips out sometimes. It's not dirty like Davina says." The girl was very nervous and fidgeting.

"But you kind of are a dirty little girl, considering what you tried to do at the table this morning." He brushed his hand down her arm and leg, coming back up and rubbing her thigh with his thumb under her skirt.

"I thought th-that was being good. Didn't you want that?" Bella blinked rapidly and then bit her lip.

The doe-eyed girl had no idea the things she was making him feel with her innocent words and movement.

"You're a good girl if you're only being dirty for me." Calum lifted her chin and brought his lips a centimeter apart from hers.

"I'll keep at it then.... Are you gonna kiss me?" Bella asked looking at Calums eyes, his eyes flickered from her lips to her eyes.

"Can I, baby?" She felt his hot breath on her lips as she nodded.

He pressed his lips against her very plump pink lips, taking her bottom lip in his mouth and sucking gently, she put her hand on the back of his neck pulling him in more. He pulled her to straddle his lap and then went from her lips to her cheek and then her neck. She let herself sit on his bulge. Which caused him to groan and dig his fingers into her sides in anticipation. She let out a slight whimper as Calum sucked on her neck. She moved her hips so their aching spots felt some friction together. They both pulled back and looked at each other and then Davina bursted in the room and her mouth flew open still holding the door handle. Bella got off of Calum, Davina looked confused and then she covered her eyes and then her mouth but then she smiled at Bella and giggled.

"That's my girl!!!!" Davina whisper screamed. "Also you're lucky I saved your ass Calum. DIEGO STOP WORRYING THEY WERE JUST LISTENING TO GOODY GRACE & PACKING A FEW LAST THINGS SHE WANTS TO TAKE."

The loud girl winked, then closed the door and walked away.

"Did you leave a mark?" Bella asked Calum as she was fixing her shirt and her skirt.

He brushed her hair to the side and his eyes widened at the huge purple mark on her neck.

"I didn't think it was gonna be that bad, holy heck. I'm so sorry." He put his hands on her face.

"S'okay. I bruise easily. But I can just keep my hair down."

Bella went to her full body mirror and put only the top middle section of her long hair into a ponytail.

"Marking me already and I'm not even your girlfriend, w o ah." She giggled.

"Bella...." Calum stood closely behind her and put his huge hands on her hips.

"Hm?" She hummed as she turned around to look up at him.

"Will youu..... go out on a date with me?" He smiled very cheekily and put his fingers under her chin.

"No." She said pulling away from him.

Oh what theeee??????
or no?

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