Chapter IX.II Perseus and Medusa

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"You only have to look at the Medusa straight on to see her. And she's not deadly. She's beautiful, and she is laughing."--Helene Cixous

***"It's OK."--Frida*** music suggestion by

Apollo watched as his friends fought, and his sister was stalked by a hapless so-called 'demi-god'. While he found it all humorous, he would still much rather be in his bunk composing a song. He had been struggling for a while with one in particular. He had been trying to compose a melody about love. Love songs were all the rage in every century and solar system, and at one time aspirations of eventually becoming one of the musical greats. However, his struggle was not his ability but rather his lack of emotion. His species, the Canticorians, were attuned to all things sound. They held and extraordinary perception for vibrations through the mediums of both air and earth. A talent that had been developed as part of their predatory instincts, was now a source of joy for the entire galaxy.  In fact, many from his planet were galaxy wide composers, singers, writers, and musicians of all kinds. Many species tried to compete, but a Canticorian's performance had never been equaled.

For all of his musical gifts, true love always eluded him. Despite his best efforts and many talents, he could not compose a song that he did not believe in. Oh, he had tried to be in love. Since he had realized that his space questing has come to an abrupt halt, he frequented Rome on an endless quest to find someone special. Since Apollo was trapped on this good for nothing primitive planet, he may as well find a way to make the most of it, right

However, as time passed, while he enjoyed the fruits of his exploits as he played the role of helpless musician to dreamy-eyed wealthy Romans. None of them had offered even a semblance of merit in comparison to the lovers he had elicited in the far-off stars. 

Cornelia had been a contender; but, Hades had 'dibs.' Not outright of course, but he made his intentions very clear in Athens. Pandora was also a close call. She was also an incredible singer, with a gift for music and the arts. That was all before she had opened that blasted jar!

He had met her when he was on a reconnaissance mission; they had spent many sleepless nights laughing and talking about music. His heart fluttered at the memory; but, he quieted the emotion. She was engaged, and after all the ugliness he could not look her in the eyes again.

He was still sick to his stomach about the nights in Athens. Despite Cornelia's accusations, it was not fun being all consumed by a lust wraith. He had not slept or eaten for days and lord only knows what type of infections he contracted. That sexual marathon was enough to make him question ever wanting to have intercourse again. He had been in the sanitization chamber for hours longer than normal. It was humiliating, and the way Cornelia looked at him now. His skin shivered at the thought. He had never been the best example of his race; but, the way Cornelia watched him made him feel absolutely vile. He shivered inadvertently at the thought of her cold and disapproving eyes.

A slight note touched his extra sensitive ears. It was somber and alluring. He turned to the sound. His body became overwhelmed with the solemnity of the sound. The emotion of the notes now sinking into his pores and into his very soul. His skin tingled as he closed in on the sound. He heard Artemis yelling in the background. He turned to see what the fuss was about now, to find that she had thrown some of Hades' combative objects at him. He felt sick picking them up. He knew his friends were all about battle, and he could hold his own, but the concept always sickened him. He was unsure why he kept getting sent out on these missions when Artemis was clearly more qualified and more interested.

The music continued to pull at his soul. Without hesitation, he followed the sound. His own mind working quickly with the melody composing it with various complimentary instruments. A voice like that should not be hidden from the world it should be celebrated.

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