Chapter 27 | Ten years Is Not Equal To New Life

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Ten years after

Early sunlight was shining on the half-closed window of the grey themed office. Long sheets of papers and drafting materials layed scattered on the table. Beside them is freshly brewed brown coffee, occassionaly sipped by the blonde woman sitting on the desk. The slow ticking of the clock on top of the door, the penvcil gliding through the paper, and her slow breathing are the only things you could hear.

The sole woman on the room was finishing her project that was due in a week. As a renown architect, she wanted her work to be done in advanced to have time for more. But if she was being honest to herself, which is something she hasn't been doing for ten years, she drowned herself in work to push back her thoughts from her mind.

She stood straighter and scanned over her work. She sighed when she saw she wasn't even halfway done. She dropped her pencil and held her head for a few seconds before returning back to work but a knock on the door interrupted her.

"Who is it?"she called.

The muffled voice from the other side answered, "Annabeth, it's Sophia. Someone's here to see you."

Annabeth Chase silently groaned before returning back to her work. "Well, you know what to say to my father, Soph. Tell him I'm bu-"

"That's the thing, it isn't your father. If it was, I wouldn't have come all the way up here."she replied. "And before you ask, it isn't your step mother too."

Annabeth looked up "Who is it then?"she asked curiously. No one, except her father, step mother and her half-brothers came visiting her for years now.

"She says her name is Rara?"

"Rara?"Annabeth muttered, confused. "Last name?"

"Rara Arellano."

Annabeth felt like her heart skipped a beat. She stood up slowly before reaching her doorknob and came face to face with her friend from the architectural firm. "What did you say?"

Sophia looked at her weirdly, "Her name is Rara Arellano."

It was silent for a few seconds before realization dawned to Annabeth. She knew that name was familiar. She once heard a joke or two about those letters.

Annabeth let out a breath of disbelief. She shook her head and inhaled. "Fine, get her to come up here."

Sophia held the door open when Annabeth was about to close it."Wait, so you do know her?"she asked.

"I once did."she replied shortly.

She shut the door close and sat back down to her desk. A few minutes later another knock was heard and she called out for her to come in. Then, the woman walked in with her stern expression and air of confidence.

To see a familiar face again gave Annabeth chills throughout her body. Memories came flooding her mind and she wasn't sure if it was a bad or a good thing. Her face immediately went blank to hide her nervousness.

She hasn't seen her for seven years now. She hasn't seen anyone from that place since she left. She spent her time working and studying to forget. She wanted to forget. But it seems like she couldn't do it.

"I knew you would figure it out."the woman said.

"It's not that hard. It's pretty much obvious."Annabeth said in return.

The woman smiled slightly, "Good to know you still got that mind of yours working like they used to."

Annabeth looked up at her and narrowed her eyes, "They always work like they used to."she said.

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