Frights on Halloween Night

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"Nooo," Louis whined, throwing his head back as he shuffled to the house. Niall stayed silent through the ordeal. He wasn't too excited on taking a nap on this very exciting day, but he wouldn't mind dozing for a few minutes. He hadn't slept well last night due to a nightmare, resulting in him sleeping in his daddies bed after a sobbing session.

Niall sleepily chewed on his healthy lunch as he fought to stay awake. Louis on the other hand was slouching in his seat, grumbling and complaining to himself as he stuffed grapes into his mouth. Finally Liam broke the silence by saying,
"Louis, enough." They boy looked like he was about to protest, but decided to keep his mouth shut for the sake of being in a time out.

Lunch went on in silence, the only sound being the utensils hitting the plate. . .and the sound of Niall hitting his head on the table on occasion as the boy was having great difficulty staying awake.

"Niall, babe, do you want to go to sleep now and finish lunch after your nap?" Zayn asked softly. Niall looked up at his daddy with tired eyes. He simply nodded and reached his arms up to Zayn, making a grabby.
"Excuse me." Zayn whispered politely, lifting Niall from his chair and carrying him upstairs to his room.

"You're a tired little boy, huh?" Zayn cooed as he lay Niall on his bed, starting to pull his sweat pants off. Niall could of course do it himself, but the boy seemed so tired and vulnerable, that Zayn couldn't help but act extra babyish around the boy.

"See you soon, dear. Have a nice nap." The oldest father whispered, kissing his son's head as the boy rubbed his beautiful blue eyes.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Louis had just finished his lunch and he, unlike Niall, certainly did not want to go down for a nap.
"Louis William, unless you don't want to go trick-or-treating, I suggest you stop fussing." Liam snapped. The man was not having the best day either. He was up most of the night, restless. And on top of that, Niall had come in with his nightmare, crowding the bed. Louis looked up at his baba, shocked that he would say such a thing. He wanted to go trick-or-treating so bad! And now he may have just lost his chance. At that realization, Louis started to wail loudly. He really didn't want to miss Halloween. It only came once a year!

Sighing, Harry went to scoop up the boy.
"Liam, why don't you go cool off." Harry suggested, slightly irritated at Liam.
"K. Sorry." Liam said, feeling bad about being so harsh with his Lou. Liam got up to go outside, a place that always soothed his nerves.

"Shhh, it's okay baby," Harry soothed, swaying from side to side with Louis face pressed against his chest, making it a slobbery mess, but Harry didn't mind.

"W-Wanna go-o! B-Bu' no nap please!" Louis pleaded, hoping that asking nicely would somehow change his Papa's mind.

"You can still go, Lou-bear. You don't want to be all tired when you go trick-or-treating though, do you?" Harry asked softly. He knew that the teen was tired, and he hoped the boy would fall asleep in the next few minutes.

"Mmm," Louis mumbled as he rubbed his face into Harry's chest. The Papa continued swaying and cooing to the six-year-old. After about five minutes, Harry felt Louis' body go limp and his breathing become deep and even, signalling that he was asleep.

Harry carefully carried the boy upstairs, laying him in bed after taking his jeans off. He kissed his head softly and then left the room, quickly checking that Niall was sleeping as well before going downstairs.

When Harry returned downstairs, he was met with the interesting sight of Zayn and Liam sat at the kitchen table, Zayn rubbing Liam's back as the Baba looked guiltily in his lap.
"Is Louis okay?" Liam asked quickly. He felt terrible about being so harsh with the boy. It broke his heart that he may have just ruined the boy's first Halloween with his family.

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